KFC releases 4K gaming console with built-in chicken warmer, 'monstrosity' has shocked fans calling it 'THE dream'

The console is more than just a one-off joke. It boasts some impressive gaming specs, in addition to its built-in air fryer

                            KFC releases 4K gaming console with built-in chicken warmer, 'monstrosity' has shocked fans calling it 'THE dream'

Be it a Lifetime movie, a romance novel or even a computer game dating simulator, it seems that there's no fanbase that KFC won't try to appeal to. Not satisfied with just creating spaces in the gaming world with visual novels and 'Animal Crossing' islands, KFC has decided to come up with an all-new way to appeal to gamers - a gaming console that also heats up your chicken.

When the project was first announced in June, fans online believed the whole thing to be a hoax, but as of December 22nd, KFC has come out with a console that is all too real. Proudly declaring that the console wars are over, KFC introduces the KFConsole, with its own hashtag, #PowerYourHunger.



KFC has not cut back on the console's specs, either, creating a console that is meant to be every bit as valid a purchase as any other console out there. While it may not be as advanced as, say, a PS5, the PS5 does not have a compartment for storing chicken, either. The KFConsole boasts of being able to power Virtual Reality games (doubtless a KFC VR game will not be far behind), ray tracing, 240fps for all games, with support for 240Hz output on 4k displays and 4K quality on supported devices. Most notably, however, is the special air fryer compartment that holds chicken or whatever other food you may want heated up while you're sitting through a cutscene or waiting for your game to load.

The console was designed by renowned PC designer Cooler Master and contains an Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element, with a swappable GPU slot. No information is available yet on when and how to purchase it, which is a shame, as fans are already clamoring for the new device - at least, those who aren't still in shock.

"Just when you think you’ve got 2020 figured out... KFC games console. Col Sanders is the puppet master of chaos," wrote one fan, reacting to the news. "Last 3 times I’ve gone to KFC they said they didn’t have any pot pie but these mfs got a goddam video game console that holds chicken!?!??" wrote another. "Kfc has made a dating simulator, a mini-movie, firewood, & now a gaming console. Idk who the new owner is, but he found fun ways to launder money," wrote a third.







After the initial shock, however, the fans are - no pun intended - warming up to the idea. "Bruh I'm actually kinda hyped. I'll have my kfconsole along side my ps5. High end pc and console. Yooooo this is my dream lmaao," wrote one Twitter user. "When the console opens to reveal pieces of chicken, I died. You win KFC, you just win," says this one. "Honestly a KFC console is great. Now my PC can overheat and my chicken gets roasted instantly," joked a fan. 







KFC has, once again, managed to find that sweet spot between generating complete disbelief and absolute demand, a statement best summed up by this fan, who writes, "I can't stop laughing at this f**kin kfc console and yet i want one so so badly." Another one simply says, "Unbelievable that the KFC console is a real thing. Absolutely bonkers. Why make such a monstrosity. I want twenty of them."




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