Kevin Spacey delivers pizzas to paparazzi while sporting a hat that reads 'Retired since 2017'

Kevin Spacey, who has kept a low profile since numerous sexual assault allegations emerged against him in October 2017, is slowly easing himself back into the spotlight

                            Kevin Spacey delivers pizzas to paparazzi while sporting a hat that reads 'Retired since 2017'

For whatever reason, Kevin Spacey seems to be growing bolder by the day. The actor is slowly beginning to emerge from the shadows after a 1.5-year hiatus from the spotlight and was spotted by paparazzi once again this week. 

As reported by TMZ, the two-time Oscar-winner made yet another public appearance on Sunday, December 30, as he readies himself for arraignment on January 7 in Nantucket, Massachusetts, over charges brought about by William Little, who has claimed Spacey sexually assaulted him in 2016 while he was still 18.

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In a video captured of the actor, he can be seen delivering a Domino's pizza to a paparazzi in Baltimore, where he's currently waiting as the date for his court hearing approaches. He can also be heard telling the photographer, "I appreciate what you're doing," and "Keep warm and have a happy New Year."

But the part that caught the public's attention was his attire, or more specifically, his cap. In what was probably an attempt at self-deprecatory humor, Spacey can be seen sporting a cap that reads, "Retired since 2017,"  in reference to his exile after the numerous sexual assault allegations emerged against him in October 2017.

Following accusations from 'Strek Trek' actor Anthony Rapp that Spacey attempted to sleep with him when he was just 14-years-old, 15 other men came forward to state they had been sexually abused by the actor.

The 59-year-old initially attempted to claim he did not remember these incidents but committed a grave faux pas when he tried to steer attention away by coming out as gay. It effectively ended his Hollywood career, and the actor has since kept a low profile.

But the disgraced actor's recently released video titled 'Let Me Be Frank' which saw the 59-year-old make a rare appearance. In the video, he seemingly addresses the new sexual assault allegations against him through the persona of Frank Underwood, the ruthless and Machiavelian president he portrayed on Netflix show 'House of Cards.'

"But you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you?" he says in the video in Frank's iconic fourth-wall breaking fashion. "You wouldn't rush to judgment without facts, would you? Did you? No, not you. You're smarter than that."

He adds, "I can promise you this: If I didn't pay the price for the things we both know I did do, I'm certainly not going to pay the price for the things I didn't do." He ends with a teasing, "Despite all the poppycock, the animosity, the headlines, the impeachment without a trial, despite everything, despite even my own death, I feel surprisingly good. And my confidence grows each day that, soon enough, you will know the truth."

Whatever the video's intended purpose, it got netizens talking and brought him back in the spotlight after more than a year, and it looks like Spacey is intent on continuing that trend.