Kevin Spacey drops 'creepy' Xmas Eve video, Internet says his suicide prevention talk is for Ghislaine Maxwell

'That's right, what would Christmas Eve be without a message from me'

                            Kevin Spacey drops 'creepy' Xmas Eve video, Internet says his suicide prevention talk is for Ghislaine Maxwell
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It is that time of the year again — in one of the more bizarre holiday traditions that have emerged in recent years, Kevin Spacey's creepy annual Christmas Eve video takes the cake. In fact, some Twitter users have been anticipating him dropping the video since the start of December — this year completes a trifecta. The maligned 'House of Cards' actor acknowledges this anticipation at the start of his video by repeating this line twice: "That's right, what would Christmas Eve be without a message from me".


After lunging at the camera at the start of the video — giving unsuspecting viewers a jump scare — he starts talking about 'people' reaching out to him to share their struggles. He says in the just over 2-minute YouTube video how the "ability to be there for them was only possible because of my own difficulties". The short clip which is essentially a suicide-prevention PSA ends with him saying: "it gets better, it does get better". Several comments under the video expressed how the video's positive message was also creepy: "The fact that this one has a positive message is unsettling," said one, while another said: "The fact that this one isn’t insane is insane."       

But Twitter users had a theory about why he was being so 'nice' — he was reaching out to 'friend' Ghislaine Maxwell in prison who is considered a suicide risk after her associate sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's death was deemed to be "a suicide by hanging". One user posted a picture of Kevin Spacey with Ghislaine Maxwell on identical red thrones (taken during a private tour of Buckingham Palace organized by Prince Andrew) with the tweet: "Remembering to send heartfelt messages to good friends during hard times is really keeping in the Christmas spirit. Thank you Mr. Spacey".

A similar tweet remarked: "So does Ghislaine Maxwell have a way to watch the Kevin Spacey video or do her lawyers transcribe it for her or what?", while another tweet remarked: "Kevin Spacey openly mourning the death of Jeffrey Epstein".




Other tweets focused on the conspiracy theory that Kevin Spacey's video meant Maxwell was in danger. "Last time Kevin Spacey made a vid someone ended up dead. Let's try and keep some extra eyes on Ghislaine Maxwell this holiday into the New Year," said one user, while another commented: "The video is a barely veiled threat to Ghislaine Maxwell that she's going to get the same fate as Epstein if she snitched." One tweet said ominously: "The only appropriate way for 2020 to end is with Kevin Spacey killing Ghislaine Maxwell."




But the funniest comments about the Spacey video came from users who were fed up with his annual Christmas Eve video. One user compared the dread to how Gotham citizens felt when Joker "puts out a new message", while another in all caps stated: "I Hate that a recent and consistent Christmas tradition has become Kevin Spacey leaving his pedo lair to wish us a Merry Christmas".



Another user posted: "kevin spacey made an it gets better video....... end this f*****g year already", while another said what we've all been thinking: "Everyone asked for a $2,000 dollar stimulus check but we got a weird a** Kevin Spacey video instead. 2020 is evil."



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