Kevin McCarthy wants Tim Scott running for president after Biden address rebuttal, slammed by Trump supporters

'Could you imagine him on the debate stage versus Joe Biden? It's not even close,' McCarthy told Sean Hannity

                            Kevin McCarthy wants Tim Scott running for president after Biden address rebuttal, slammed by Trump supporters
Kevin McCarthy says Tim Scott could run for president, gets criticized by Trump supporters (Getty Images)

Minority Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) praised Senator Tim Scott, suggesting he could run for president in 2024, following his delivery of the GOP's response to President Joe Biden's joint address to Congress on Wednesday, April 28. 

Kevin McCarthy told Fox News host Sean Hannity: "The part that made the most history tonight—this will be the first time the response has upstaged the president People are going to start talking tomorrow that Tim Scott should be running for president. Could you imagine him on the debate stage versus Joe Biden? It's not even close."




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McCarthy described Scott as a "close personal friend," adding that he depicted the "most compelling story about the exceptionalism of America" when he described how his grandfather had a newspaper in front of him at the kitchen table every day.

"It was only years later that Tim found out that his grandfather could not read, but wanted a better life for his grandsons. He knew that is what American meant, that he wanted him involved in the current events," McCarthy said. 

However, conservatives and Trump supporters flocked to social media to slam McCarthy as his statement was seen as a betrayal of former President Donald Trump, who has floated the idea of running in 2024 and has a substantial hold on the GOP.

"It’s a safe move, so why shouldn’t McCarthy do it??? —It allows McCarthy to look like he’s totally cool with a Black president, so how can anyone say that the GOP has a race problem??? —He knows that in today’s GOP Scott would garner zero primary votes or $$$," one of them said. 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and U.S. President Donald Trump attend a legislation signing rally with local farmers on February 19, 2020 in Bakersfield, California. (Getty Images)

Another quipped, "Especially since Sen. Scott would have to get the GOP nomination to be on the debate stage against President Biden. Does McCarthy remember whom the GOP nominated the last two times? #GOPRacists." A third remarked, "And I mean this sincerely. Kevin McCarthy was on Hannity saying Scott should run for President but I don’t think McCathy gives a shit about a lot of the many policy priorities Scott has and leads on." One more commented, "Is Kevin McCarthy saying that Donald Trump no longer leads the Republican Party? Someone should ask him why he thinks Tim Scott should be President and not Trump." A commenter tweeted, "Listen to Kevin McCarthy already trying to put Trump in the rearview mirror saying Tim Scott should be running in 2024 against Biden I mean the speech was good but he does not hold a candle to President Trump."










Scott praised by other GOP members

McCarthy was not the only Republican lawmaker singing praises of the only Black senator in the GOP. Sen Lindsey Graham of South Carolina praised Scott's response to Biden's speech. "I've never been more proud of @SenatorTimScott than I am tonight. He did an outstanding job representing the conservative point of view and the state of South Carolina!" Graham stated in a tweet.


"President Biden promised to unify the American people and bring us together. Unfortunately, the last 100 days have been marked by partisanship and one-sided policy," said Rep William Timmons in an emailed statement. "It is clear from his speech tonight that both parties share some of the same goals, but we have very different ideas on how we get there. Perhaps President Bident will be more willing to engage with his Republican colleagues on meaningful solutions to these problems in his next 100 days than he was during his first 100. I hope for — but am not counting on — a more meaningful effort at bipartisanship going forward."

South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick also issued a statement lauding Scott. “Senator Scott did what he does best: explain our conservative values to folks in a way that makes sense on a personal level," McKissick said. "South Carolina is proud of our junior Senator."

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