Singer Kerry Katona reveals she married her mum’s ‘drug dealer’ to get 'free drugs'

Singer Kerry Katona reveals she married her mum’s ‘drug dealer’ to get 'free drugs'
Kerry Katona (Source: Getty Images)

Kerry Katona recently opened up about her battle with addiction which she states started at a tender age of 14. Kerry recalls that at one point her addiction seized to gain control of her to the extent that she tied the knot with Mark Croft, who she claims was her mother's drug dealer, in order to get free drugs. 

Kerry Katona and her husband Mark Croft  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

“My second husband, with him being my mum’s dealer, I only married him because I thought I was going to get the drugs for free," she said according to The Sun. The Atomic Kitten singer added that her husband was one of the reasons she got more addicted to drugs. Not that I wanted to take the drugs. I was taking it more and more because I wanted him to stop me and show that he loved me but it didn’t work out, he had me where he wanted," she added. 

Even though Mark has denied these claims, the couple split in 2010, after Kerry was declared bankrupt. While Kerry is sober now, she recalls that her addiction started when she was 14 and confessed that it had been her mother who introduced her to narcotics at such a young age.

"I know my mum’s watching. I’m very proud of my mum and who she is today but my addiction started back when I was 14," she said. "I was in a foster home and I was only allowed to see my mum via supervised visits. I’m the only child." She recalled an incident where she caught her mother buying drugs. 

"I went down to the pub on a Sunday, as one does from being up North, and I remember my mum going to the pub, she was with a woman at the time. My mum became a brief lesbian," she recalled. “And I walked into the toilet, I was 14, and she had this bag of white powder. I said, ‘Mum, what’s that?’ She said, ‘It’s sherbet'." She then claimed that her mother dipped her finger in the bag and put it into her mouth. 

"I went home to my foster parents and I must have been awake for 24 hours… it was speed," she continued. "For me that was normality. Every weekend we’d go out… and this is not me blaming my mum or me saying, ‘My mum’s a bad mum. I was a really, really good kid but when I became an adult it just kind of went downhill from there, really." While Kerry has been vocal about her journey, she urges everyone to come forward and not be afraid to ask for help when needed. 

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