Kerry Katona admits to having suicidal thoughts after facing public criticism for slurring on television

Kerry Katona came extremely close to taking her own life after she was ridiculed for being drunk on an interview, when in fact the slurring was a side effect of bipolar medication.

                            Kerry Katona admits to having suicidal thoughts after facing public criticism for slurring on television
Kerry Katona (Source:Getty Images)

Ten years ago Kerry Katona appeared on ‘This Morning’ for an interview that practically cost her everything. She slurred her way through the entire show giving people the impression that she was drunk when in fact it was actually a side-effect of her bipolar medication.

The interview went viral and Kerry faces a lot of shame and ridicule. She admitted to Daily Star that those comments really took a toll on her mental health. It was a burden she felt she could not take any more. Ten years later looking back at that moments she said, “It's taken me 10 years from that 'This Morning' interview where I was slurring my words due to my bipolar medication... look this is serious f****** s***.”

She added, "I was that close to taking my own life because of that interview... because I was so judged by it. Now I want to be the voice for mental health so people don't feel ashamed or embarrassed... we just need to talk to people." Kerry also made a comment on her past self in the interview, speaking in third-person almost as if she is referring to someone other than herself. Kerry said: “She looks so lost... I feel so sorry for her... but she is out of it now. I was in a really unhappy marriage, I was taking a lot of A Class drugs because I was depressed – I hold my hands up."

She added, "It was eight years ago I was on the famous couch, slurring... Even now, I have episodes where I talk a million miles an hour and then I slow down. There's no harm in asking for that kind of help... Since that infamous interview, I'm still mocked... Yes, I've done the drinks thing and the drug thing, but it was pure medication [that I had taken]."

But Kerry seems to have transformed into a completely different person now. But of course, it has taken her time and effort to get here. She opened up about what personally helped her through this journey. Apparently, what worked for her were “motivational tapes.” She says, "I get up every morning and I'm like 'come on kids' and my music helps.

"I know what my triggers are that get me down but also I have my tools. I worked really closely with my GP... I have had to learn a lot about myself as well." She also adds that depression is hard to cope with, calling it "a f***** up evil thing."

While on one hand, she listens to motivational tapes to work on her mental health, she also did some motivational talking herself in an attempt to make a difference in someone’s life. She said, “I am doing a lot of motivational talking and rehabilitation and addiction talks about mental health. It is what I want to be doing... it all starts here with the mind. We have lost so many amazing people to mental health." Kerry really seems to be deeply interested in helping others feel better about themselves and speaking up about mental health, for she often takes to Instagram to share motivational content as well. 

She even helped her friend Danniella Westbrook, the former EastEnders actress, through an extremely difficult time. The Sun reported that Daniella is extremely grateful for Kerry’s support through her battle against drugs, which she says is an “everyday struggle.” Very recently, Daniella was hospitalized for contracting a blood infection and Kerry stayed by her side the entire time, and Daniella made sure to show her appreciation via Twitter. She tweeted,"been so ill Been so ill thank goodness for my son and @TrudieLyons and @KerryKatona7." She also wrote, "Thanks my darling @KerryKatona7 did a 2 &1/2 hour journey to get to me &get me to the hospital. I had pjs on was so weak."

Earlier this year, Kerry also spoke to ‘Loose Women’ with Daniella about when she finally realized that she wanted to turn her life around and how she got where she is now, reported The Sun. She said, "I have been off medication a year in June, I done it with [the help of] my doctor. The turning point was when I went to boot camp around ten years ago.I remember sitting with my mum, thinking I don't want this anymore."

Kerry is a singer and media personality. She rose to fame when she was a part of the popular girl group called 'Atomic Kitten'. She was a part of the group from 1998-2001, and then again from 2012-2017. She has also been seen in several reality television shows like 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!