Mother of Crimean gunman 'tried to kill herself' when she found out that her son was the attacker

18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov took a shotgun and other homemade explosives to his college where he launched the massacre

                            Mother of Crimean gunman 'tried to kill herself' when she found out that her son was the attacker

The mother of the gunman who authorities say massacred 20 students before killing himself at a college in Crimea reportedly tried to commit suicide after being told that her son was the armed suspect behind the attack.

Eighteen-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov took a shotgun and other homemade explosives to Kerch Polytechnic College in Russia-annexed Crimea where he triggered a mayhem before taking his own life in the college library.

His mother Galina Roslyakova, a nurse at Kerch Cancer Clinic where some of the victims were taken to, was among those who provided first aid. It is reported that she tried to take her own life after she found out what her son had allegedly done.

Meanwhile, horrifying footage has emerged of students running for their lives as gunfire was heard in the college. Students can also be heard screaming in the middle of all the shotgun blast as Roslyakov allegedly went on the rampage on October 17, the Daily Mail reported.

The teenagers could be seen running past fallen fellow students, and making absolutely desperate attempts to run down the stairs amidst the chaos. Kremlin-appointed Crimean chief Sergei Aksyonov said on October 18 that officials are on the lookout for a possible accomplice, a deviation from the initial official description of it being a lone gunman incident.

Five of the students are in comas and are said to be in "extremely grave" conditions. Among those who died were mostly students aged between 15 and 19 years. The shooter is believed to have bought the shotguns and rifles using a hunting license for which he had passed a psychological assessment. The homemade bombs that he set off were reported to have blown out the windows in the college. 

Initial reports that came from the scene described the massacre as a terror attack before the authorities reclassified it as mass murder.


Aksyonov told news agencies in Russia on October 18: "The point is to find out who was coaching him for this crime. He was acting on his own here, we know that. But this scoundrel could not have prepared this attack on his own, in my opinion and according to my colleagues."

There was confusion during the press conference as to what the motive behind the attack was. One of the reasons was that he had argued with his girlfriend who he was spotted with just days before the attack.

A friend said: "Vlad was not in the college on Monday. Maybe he quarrelled with his very first girlfriend? And he was so much upset he missed a day - and then decided to punish the whole world for his failure with a girl?"


Another theory said he was obsessed with violent computer games. A friend said: "Vlad has always admired those who killed their classmates. I talked to him about it once when we were first year students. I knew he had computer games where you shoot inside the school. But I did not think he may do something like this in reality. Roslyakov did not really talk about it, we discussed it just once."

Russian President Vladimir Putin on the other hand called the attack a "result of globalization," saying that adults have failed to offer young people an alternative to an outburst of violence.

A newspaper finally said that checks were being conducted to see if he had been recruited by an extremist Islam group. They said: "The version that Roslyakov might have been involved in Islamic extremist groups is being considered. Experts are studying this student's mobile phone and social networks now. As soon as his gadgets are checked it will be clear if this young man was recruited by ISIS or not."

Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, an annexation that was condemned by many Western powers.