Kentucky man padlocked woman's neck and chained her to ceiling before torturing with pool cue for refusing sex

Kentucky man padlocked woman's neck and chained her to ceiling before torturing with pool cue for refusing sex
(Louisville Metro Police Department)

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: A woman was reportedly tortured by a man after she refused to have sex with him, police say. The incident happened on May 10 when the woman, whose identity is not known, was having sex with Brandon McQuillen. However, when she denied participating any more in the act, McQuillen put a padlock around her neck and chained her to the ceiling. According to the Louisville Metro Police Department citation, after chaining the woman, McQuillen tased her several times in the abdomen. The woman reportedly begged the man to let her go, but he did not stop the abuse. He also allegedly hit her several times in the side with a pool cue and punched her in the face repeatedly.


The 38-year-old accused was arrested on Wednesday, May 13, and has been charged with kidnapping and second-degree assault.

It has been said that the abuse went on for around 12 hours before McQuillen’s former roommate contacted police; but the accused fled before officials arrived. He was caught three days later after the incident. The details of his arrest have not been released, though. Police said when the woman was rescued both her eyes were black with swelling and bruising to her face. She also suffered bruising and swelling to her side and hip. According to reports, McQuillen is a convicted criminal who was earlier given a jail sentence after he was found guilty of fourth-degree assault in 2018. The arrest warrant of that time stated that he had tackled and punched his father after they had a verbal argument.

In a similar incident, a Missouri man brutally battered and sodomized a woman over two days, while taking breaks in between the physical abuse to have a beer. Richard Craig was jailed on Monday, May 11, over the assault which occurred over a two-day period in February 2019.

According to the legal documents, the 50-year-old man attacked the woman — who has not been identified — when she refused to drive to the store to buy him some beer and vodka. Her denial led Craig to start hitting his victim. He also pulled her down onto the bedroom floor and attempted to strangle her with his legs. then punched the woman while holding her by the hair. The reports also claimed that after brutally assaulting the woman, Craig declared that it was "break time" from the physical abuse. He dragged the woman by her hair to the kitchen and drank a can of beer.

After he finished drinking, he again beat the woman before falling asleep. The next day when Craig woke up he sodomized the woman. However, the woman somehow managed to escape and went to a neighbor's house later that day and alerted the authorities of the abuse after he fell asleep for the second time. 

Soon Craig was arrested and charged with first-degree sodomy and first-degree kidnapping in 2019. He pleaded guilty on May 11 in Lawrence County Circuit Court to a reduced count of second-degree domestic assault in a plea agreement. However, his plea resulted in a dismissal of related counts of first-degree sodomy and first-degree kidnapping.


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 Kentucky man chained woman to ceiling and tased her in abdomen after she refused him sex