Kentucky man, 55, married and had sex with his daughter after duo conspired and murdered her boyfriend, court hears

Kentucky man, 55, married and had sex with his daughter after duo conspired and murdered her boyfriend, court hears
(Source : Police Department)

WELCH, WEST VIRGINIA: A Kentucky father had sex with and married his biological daughter after they conspired and killed the latter's boyfriend, a court heard.

Larry Paul McClure Sr., 55, of Pendleton, Kentucky, and his two daughters, Amanda Michelle Naylor McClure, 31, of Chisago City, Minn., and Anna Marie Choudhary, 32, of Boone, North Carolina, were arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the Valentine's Day death of Amanda McClure's boyfriend Thomas McGuire, according to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

The murder came to light only several months later after Larry McClure, a registered sex offender, was arrested on a registry offense, and confessed to it in a detailed letter where he also provided specifics of the crime.

McGuire was struck on the head with a bottle of wine, tied up, and then injected with two vials of methamphetamine. After the injection, he was strangled, and buried in a shallow grave at Larry McClure's residence located at 11715 Skygusty Highway located in the Skygusty area of McDowell County. His body was discovered in September after the 55-year-old's confession.


Larry McClure said he and Choudhary were involved in the murder but claimed Amanda McClure was the ringleader. He said he didn't know the motive for the murder, only that he knew his daughter was spending McGuire's social security cheques. 

In a criminal complaint filed by West Virginia State Police Trooper K.M. Saddler, the lead investigator in the case, it was revealed that Larry McClure and Amanda McClure, despite being biological father and daughter, had sex with each other at the former's residence.

It also said that, three-and-a-half weeks after McGuire's murder, the pair traveled across the state line to neighboring Tazewell County, Virginia, and got married to each other. A marriage license that was included as evidence showed they tied the knot on March 11 in a ceremony officiated by a United Methodist Church minister of the gospel.  

On the last page of his confession, which has been received by McDowell County court authorities, Larry McClure wrote, "I just want it to be over. NO TRIAL. NO TAXPAYERS MONEY SPENT FOR A TRIAL," signing off with "GUILTY/NO CONTEST."


However, he could be facing further charges in connection to his incestuous relationship with his daughter. Tazewell County Sheriff Brian Hieatt said the marriage of a father and daughter is illegal in Virginia -- it is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to six months in jail -- and that they could investigate the case from their end as well.   

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