Wendy Rittenhouse: Calls grow for Kyle Rittenhouse's mother to be arrested for driving son 20 miles with his AR-15

Several pictures of Kyle’s mother are doing the rounds on the internet where she can be seen armed with a gun and this has irked people who want her arrested too

                            Wendy Rittenhouse: Calls grow for Kyle Rittenhouse's mother to be arrested for driving son 20 miles with his AR-15
Kenosha shooting (Getty Images)

Was Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother present at the shooting spot? Did she drive him with weapons to the place of unrest before the fatal incident? These are some of the looming questions after 17-year-old Kyle was arrested on August 25 in connection with the shooting of two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha. Several pictures of Kyle’s mother are doing the rounds on the internet where she can be seen brandishing a gun. This has irked several people who are demanding that Wendy be arrested too. 

Rex Chapman, a basketball player and social media influencer, tweeted on August 27, "Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom Wendy — on same night her son killed two people and shot another." He further posted a picture where the mother and son can be seen. "And here. With her son."


Public figure Shaun King too tweeted for the arrest of Wendy Rittenhouse. "I expect the mother of Kyle Rittenhouse to also be arrested. Reports state that she literally drove him to Wisconsin and illegally armed him with weapons that he was not old enough to own or carry in his home state of Illinois or in Wisconsin. The entire ordeal was illegal.”


Some believe that maybe Wendy drove Kyle with weapons that fatal night. "Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother drove him and his AR-15 twenty miles to Venosha to murder people. She’s an accomplice, accessory to the crimes he committed and should face charges just like her son."


Another user concurred without enough proof, “Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother drove him to Kenosha. She should be arrested also.”


People are taking to Twitter to write that such pictures are disturbing and malign America’s image. "WHOA. That is a seriously disturbing image. Now you know why America can’t have nice things. Vigilantes are domestic terrorists."


After such speculations, it is worth pondering over who is Wendy Rittenhouse and if she was involved in the violent crime in Kenosha?

Who is Wendy Rittenhouse?

The Sun states that Wendy Rittenhouse, the mother of the alleged suspect of the two murders in Kenosha, Wisconsin, works as a nurse’s assistant. It further mentions that the mother-son duo lived in an apartment south of the Wisconsin border in Antioch, Illinois, though it is unclear if she was the one who drove him to the protest site. Boston News confirms the fact that Wendy is a single mother. Mentioning the mother-son duo’s place of living, it reportedly mentions that they live in a quiet apartment complex beside a park in Antioch, a bedroom community that sits just south of the Wisconsin border.

Though not much information is available regarding Wendy, some reports mention that she sought protection from the police in 2017. As per Vice, in January 2017, before Kyle enrolled in Lakes Community High School, his mother Wendy filed a request for an order of protection against one of her son’s classmates. She accused them of threatening to harm her son, or insulting him by calling him “dumb” or “stupid”. Though, she ultimately dropped the request. As per Heavy website, Wendy’s Facebook page indicates that she not only works in health care but is also a law enforcement supporter. Daily Beast states that her page features images of her son — including one of him dressed as a police officer, with the tagline “We Back the Blue".

Such facts and meager information about Wendy’s life cannot substantiate her involvement in Kenosha shooting or her alleged support to her son by driving him with arms. We will update more information about her case, upon confirmation from sources. Kyle allegedly shot at demonstrators, Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph D Rosenbaum, 36. They were marching to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake, according to authorities. Later, photos of Kyle holding an AR-15 gun surfaced on Twitter and many believe the weapon was used to harm the demonstrators. 

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