'Bachelor in Paradise': Kenny King says he would never date Tia Booth, confirms there is no love triangle

Kenny King is going to appear in the fifth season of 'Bachelor in Pardasie' and says that he has a good relationship with most contestants

                            'Bachelor in Paradise': Kenny King says he would never date Tia Booth, confirms there is no love triangle

The fifth season of 'Bachelor in Paradise' premiered on August 7, 2018. The show saw Chris Harrison reprising his role from 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' as the host. American professional wrestler Kenny King threw some light on the drama that was going around in the house and answered that one question that every 'Bachelor in Paradise' fan had: If there was a love triangle between him, Krystal Nielson, and Kevin Wendt.

According to Kenny, there is a lot more happening in the house than what people get to see on-screen. The bond between the pairs made the viewers believe that there could be a love triangle brewing but, as it turns out, it all good between them. Kenny believes that having a bond with others in a game like 'Bachelor in Paradise' is understandable. 

"Even in that situation, it definitely wasn’t a love triangle," he said while appearing on The Domenick Nati Show. "I feel, in 'Paradise', you got to understand what the aim of the game is. You should talk to everybody. Get to know and meet everybody and see if you have any kind of condition. So, yeah, I saw that initially Kevin and Krystal paired off and did their things. But, you know, Kevin and I are very cool."

In fact, Kevin thought the same. "Even afterward, I pulled him aside and I asked him ‘Yo, we are cool, right?’ and he said absolutely, it is all in the game. So, we all very much understood what we were getting ourselves into. So, there wasn’t any love triangle. It was just to see if there was anything between Kenny and Krystal," he said. 


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While Kenny might have shared a strong bond with Krystal, he could not say the same about Tia Booth. When asked if there was one person that he would have never dated in 'Paradise,' Kenny knew too well that it was Tia. "The only person that I couldn’t see myself connecting to just because of all the drama was Tia," he said. Kenny did not seem to be entertained by the drama that revolved around Tia and thought that it would be better to stay out of it. 

While the real drama on 'Bachelor in Paradise' is yet to unfold, Kenny said his relationship with 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lidsay is great. "Rachel and I have talked a few times," he said. "In social media or what not. There are no hard feelings, you know. We are still friends. I am really happy for her and Brian. Rachel is really really nice. She reached out to me and sent a really nice message when my mom passed away. Rachel is a really cool and good person and our relationship hasn’t changed or anything like that."

When asked if he would like to date Rachel if she and Bryan Abasolo broke up, Kenny knew that he was going to be loyal to his friend. "That just becomes bizarre right now because Brian is still my friend and if I have to go behind my friend’s ex-girlfriend then I don’t know. That is breaking bro code, isn’t it?" he said.