Kendra Wilkinson apologizes to ex-husband Hank Baskett for live-tweeting their heated argument

Wilkinson had earlier said that her estranged spouse recorded their conversations, blamed her for ending his NFL career, and blamed him for his own affair

                            Kendra Wilkinson apologizes to ex-husband Hank Baskett for live-tweeting their heated argument
Kendra Wilkinson (Source:Getty Images)

After going online about the heated argument she had with her husband, Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson apologized on Twitter on June 6. The former 'Girls Next Door' star, apologized to her husband in a series of tweets, which have since been deleted.

"I was the reason your football career ended. I regret doing that to you and I hope you learn to forgive me one day. I loved you and was always your number one fan," one tweet said.

In another tweet, the television personality explained: "I was 24 when I got married. Now I'm 33. I made a lot of mistakes through those young years and I am sorry for making you feel the way I did." 

On Tuesday, Wilkinson shared on Twitter the details of a fight she had with Baskett, but later deleted the tweets.

The 32-year-old claimed that Baskett was recording them duing the conversation.  "Why is Hank recording me right now. Please tell him to leave me alone and stop."

According to Wilkinson, Baskett blamed her for “his football career ending”, something Wilkinson later admitted to. Also, Baskett was allegedly blaming Wilkinson for him cheating on her, while she was pregnant with their second child Alijah Mary Baskett.

Baskett was in the middle of an alleged cheating scandal with a transgender model in 2014, which he denies. 

Kendra stops her social media updates with respect to her kids (Getty Images)


However, she re-tweeted claiming that she was done airing their personal issues on social media. "I am done tweeting about hank out of respect for my kids. Love will always win and he's a great guy... we will all be fine after this hurdle is over." She also tweeted: "I think I just need some d**k."

She confessed that all she really wanted was the experience of having a true family: “All I ever wanted was family because I never had a solid one but me being immature was the reason I couldn’t give u more." 

While Wilkinson has been vocal about the split, Baskett has kept their marital struggle private. A source reported to the E!, "Hank is probably not going to say anything publicly unless he makes a statement through a lawyer; he's just not that type of guy".

However, both seem to be equally upset about the split. E! also claimed that the divorce wasn't a decision taken within a fortnight but it was something "in the making". "It's definitely been a long time coming. They've been trying to work on this for a long time and it finally hit a roadblock."