Kendell Matthews: SHOCKING video of man shooting at pickup in 'road rage' goes viral

Slidell police department announced that Kendell Matthews, 21, was charged with attempted second-degree murder after a road rage shooting incident

                            Kendell Matthews: SHOCKING video of man shooting at pickup in 'road rage' goes viral
Surveillance footage showing the shooting in Slidell and the booking photo of Kendell Matthews (Slidell Police Department)

SLIDELL, LOUISIANA: In a shocking road rage incident, a pickup truck was shot at on July 14 in a residential neighborhood. Police have arrested and charged Kendell Matthews over the incident, which has left the usually quiet Slidell neighborhood shocked. The shooting reportedly stemmed from another incident Matthews and the truck were involved in near Highway 11. 

Matthews is just one of the many people arrested after violent road incidents all over the country. Coupled with the high rate of gun ownership and lax gun laws, numerous Americans have been involved in near-deadly and fatal shootings across American roads. On July 2, JaDerek Gray was shot after he pulled a gun on a driver in Texas, who came dangerously close to his motorbike. Earlier in June, a Tennessee cop was forced to resign after pulling a gun on a motorist who cut him off. In March, a mother-of-six was tragically shot in another road rage incident in North Carolina.


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Thankfully, it appears as if no one was injured in the incident in Slidell. Matthews was arrested "without incident" and charged with attempted second-degree murder. What prompted Matthews to violently attack the pickup truck? Here's everything we know. 

Surveillance footage shows Kendell Matthews shooting at the pickup truck in Slidell. (Slidell Police Department)


Gunshots ring in Slidell neighborhood

According to police, around 6:30 pm, Matthews parked his grey sedan abruptly in the middle of the street in a quiet neighborhood in Slidell. He then got out and began shooting at a white pickup truck that was behind him. Footage shows the truck speeding ahead of Matthews, and turning left. Matthews then jumps back into his car and turns right. Police say the truck was struck several times, but no one was injured. A few bullets also hit one of the houses, but again it is reported no one was injured. 

Reportedly, the shooting stemmed from an incident that occurred near Highway 11 and Brownswitch Road. It is unclear what exactly happened, police have not commented on that incident or provided any information. All they said was that it prompted Matthews to follow the truck to the Tanglewood Subdivision, where the shooting took place. A short while later, police managed to track down the car and arrest Matthews.


Footage shows Matthews getting down from the passenger side of the car. It is unclear who the driver was, and if he too has been arrested. "We will not tolerate this kind of careless and inexcusable behavior in Slidell," Chief Randy Fandall said, according to 4WWL. Fandall added, "Let this serve as another message that we will be relentless on solving and preventing violent crime in our community."

Further details were not available, as the investigation is still ongoing. The city is located about 30 miles north of New Orleans. 

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