Kendall and Kylie are upset and don't approve of Caitlyn Jenner's engagement to Sophia Hutchins

While Caitlyn is said to have found her 'soulmate' in the stunning blonde - who is 47 years her junior - her daughters are said to be distraught about the romance

                            Kendall and Kylie are upset and don't approve of Caitlyn Jenner's engagement to Sophia Hutchins
(L-R) Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (Source: Getty Images)

Caitlyn Jenner's daughters Kendall and Kylie are reportedly 'upset' and 'jealous' about their father's suspected engagement to a 21-year-old transgender student Sophia Hutchins.

68-year-old Caitlyn  believes that she has found her soulmate in Sophia Hutchins despite the fact that Sophia is almost 47 years younger than Caitlyn. Caitlyn's daughters are not pleased about the romance at all and it upsets them deeply.

A source told Life & Style, "They've heard from friends that Caitlyn's dating Sophia, and it upsets them like you wouldn't believe. She's their age! They feel a mix of jealousy and distrust about it."

Sophia attends the Pepperdine University which is close to Caitlyn's Malibu home. Sophia was previously known as Scott and she and Caitlyn recently returned from a romantic trip to London where went sight-seeing together and had a great holiday.

Initially, the couple's friendship was described as that of a mother and daughter but clearly that has developed into something a lot more personal and serious. Rumors suggest that the pair may even be ready to tie the knot soon and settle down together.

A source shared with Heat Magazine, "Cait really sees herself spending the rest of her life with Sophia." The source also explained that the two became very close to each other after Caitlyn's relationship with Kris completely broke down. "She lost her support system when she fell out with her family and these days, it feels like Sophia's the only person she can count on," the source continued.

If Sophia and Caitlyn do get married then it would be Caitlyn fourth marriage. Caitlyn married Chrystie Crownover in 1972, Linda Thompson in 1981, and Kris Jenner in 1991 before transitioning from Bruce. Caitlyn has six biological children and was a step father to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian before they had a falling out.

As a result of the falling out, Caitlyn still has not met Khloe's daughter True Thompson or Kim's little girl, Chicago.