Kendall Jenner is accused of photoshopping her picture and fans are not happy

The KUWTK star accused of photoshopping her legs in the latest picture that was uploaded by Kourtney.

                            Kendall Jenner is accused of photoshopping her picture and fans are not happy
Kendall Jenner (Getty Images)

Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian decided to beat the heat on Memorial day by striping down into bikinis. The sisters did not hold back on taking pictures as Kourtney took to her Instagram to share the pictures with her fans but little did she know that they will turn against her sister. Fans were quick to notice how Kendall looked very different in the pictures and accused her of photoshopping the image. 

"Kourt, you need to work on your photoshop. You made Kendall look weirdly skinny," one fan noted. Some could not take their eyes off Kendall and their legs but it wasn't for the reason one would think. "Photoshopped leg makes me feel weird," another commented. While another asked the big question, "what's up with @kendalljenner long ass legs". Meanwhile, some were there to recommend Kourtney to take some photoshop classes. 

"Photoshop on point lol if you're gonna do it at least do it properly," the comment read and another added, "u should really hire a new photoshop guy. You don't even have to magnify this one to spot the edits." While Kendall's leg took most of the attention from the picture, there was another thing that people could not help but notice and it Kendall's tan lines. 

"What the hell is up with Kendall Jenner's #babypowdercrotch??" one fan wrote. This is not the first time that Kendall has been accused of photoshopping her picture. On May 22 Kendall posted a topless picture in the hotel bathroom where she was seen sipping a glass of wine. She captioned the photo as 'bone-dry'. "The wall is curved at your stomach ur not fooling anyone," one fan wrote while accusing her of photoshop. 

Another wrote, "Have you ever posted a pic that isn't edited???". Some seemed to have many questions after seeing the picture Kendall had uploaded as one of the comments read, "@kendalljenner or your walls are bending or you have a very basic photoshop level." Another brought attention to the tiniest detail which can easily go unnoticed as they wrote, "Photoshop! Seriously people look at her elbow". 

However, there were a few who were there to boast Kendall's confidence as they thought she looked flawless. "Always looking healthy, carry on my Kendall show dem what you are made of, beauty Queen," one fan wrote. "You're a beautiful girl, I'm glad you have confidence and love in yourself. It takes people a while to gain that, but I'm glad you're happy and love yourself and your body, you slay what God gave you. Don't let these people ruin your vibe, you're doing great," read another comment. Another cheered in support by writing, "Go, girl! You are the best one of all! Pretty is as pretty does!."