'The Bachelor': From hot mess to level-headed, is Kelsey Weier likely to be your next Bachelorette?

Seems like Kelsey Weier just got a 'Bachelorette' edit, with a lot of Hannah Brown vibes and we wonder if she would be as bad as the lead

                            'The Bachelor': From hot mess to level-headed, is Kelsey Weier likely to be your next Bachelorette?
Kelsey Weier (ABC)

Did Kelsey Weier just get a 'Bachelorette' edit? Possibly. It has a lot of Hannah Brown vibes and would she be as bad as the lead?

Contestant Kelsey Weier had quite the run on this season of the 'The Bachelor'. She went from being the hottest mess ever to being quite calm and collected to being called an alcoholic to being one of the most mature contestants on the show. Unfortunately, as is with contestants who have their act together, she's sent home - but not before she got the 'Bachelorette' edit. 

As Kelsey is driven away after a rose ceremony that infuriated fans, she says, "I'm just still in shock and like confused. I just honestly didn't expect to fall for him as hard as I did … I fell and he didn't. It hurts really bad." She's clearly heartbroken and we were just as shocked.

Kelsey's hometown date was one of the good ones. We know she's had problems with her family but they all came together to meet the guy their daughter was falling in love with. She takes the leap even and tells Pete that she was falling for him hard - and repeatedly tells him that its hard for her to open up but she had done it with him. Fans are already rooting for Kelsey to have a second chance at love. 

Usually, the next bachelorette is chosen from the final three, but fans made Hannah brown's comeback happen. She was so popular thanks to her exit speech that they couldn't help but bring her back. We've grown with Kelsey and really connected with her, unlike Hannah Ann or Madison, who was barely there throughout the whole season. 

Apart from the deep stuff, Kelsey also knows how to have fun. Judging from her social media, she's always making fun of herself and honestly, the testament to her amazing potential is when she remained calm despite the champagne bottle erupting on her face. 

She's also got the right amount of drama and backstory to fit in as the show's lead. She's 28, absolutely gorgeous, has a career and is pretty balanced and mature where it counts. While she is emotional, she doesn't ever apologize for it. This is an opportunity, ABC. 

'The Bachelor' Season 24 airs every Monday night only on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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