Kelsey Berreth's last words were 'please stop' as fiance Patrick Frazee beat her to death, says his ex Krystal Lee

Frazee who killed his fiancee and mother of his child had a very intimate and complicated relationship with his former flame

                            Kelsey Berreth's last words were 'please stop' as fiance Patrick Frazee beat her to death, says his ex Krystal Lee
(Teller County Sheriff's Office)

Patrick Frazee has been accused of murdering his fiancee and the mother of his child Kelsey Berreth in 2018. Kelsey, a Colorado mother of one, had vanished from her home during Thanksgiving in 2018. According to authorities, she was killed in her Woodland Park, Teller County home on Thanksgiving in 2018. Frazee had a former lover Krystal Lee Kenney who had been involved in the killing of Kelsey. Oxygen's series 'Killer Couples' explores how Frazee had turned on his fiancee and also at Frazee's complex relationship with ex-flame Krystal. 

The Complex relationship between Frazee and Krystal Kenney 

Krystal testified against Frazee and gave out many details on the twisted murder of Kelsey. During her trial, Krystal shared that she had fallen for Frazee back in 2006 when they had first met. She also found out that she was pregnant with his child despite being married to another man. Frazee had not been pleased about the pregnancy and had told Krystal to have an abortion. According to Fox News, Krystal testified saying that she and Frazee had been in an on-and-off relationship for around 12 years. She also said that when she had first met him, he was "admirable" and "had his act together... A pretty good dude."

He even later encouraged her to get a divorce from her husband. In May 2016, Krystal agreed and filed for divorce but lost contact with Frazee. The two had not been able to reconnect until October 2017, NBC News reports. In 2018, Frazee shared that Krystal was in a relationship and had a child. Krystal had testified saying that Frazee had begun telling her stories that Kelsey had been harming the couple's daughter and he wanted to "take care of" Kelsey. 

The Murder of Kelsey Berreth 

At the time of Kelsey's death, Krystal was working as a nurse in Idaho. Krystal and Frazee had a very intimate relationship even while he had been engaged to Kelsey. Oxygen reports that she testified that she had traveled all the way to Colorado after Frazee called her post murdering Kelsey. Krystal revealed that she had carried some cleaning supplies, a bodysuit, and foot covers to help clean up the aftermath of the murder. She testified that there had been blood everywhere, as per an affidavit obtained by the Denver Channel. She had also disposed of Krystal's cellphone on Frazee's behalf, besides helping the killer burn her body, and also destroying evidence from the crime scene. She pleaded guilty to the same. Krystal also recalled Kelsey's last words while she was up on the witness stand. While fighting back tears, she said, "She said ‘please stop." She further admitted that Frazee had asked her to assist him in killing Kelsey at least three times before. One of these included poisoning Kelsey's favorite drink, a caramel macchiato, investigators revealed. 

Krystal Lee's Sentencing and Latest Update

Krystal was sentenced to three years in prison along with a year of mandatory parole for her role in the death of Kelsey Berreth. Her short and controversial sentence was the maximum amount of prison time she could get given a very generous plea deal prosecutors gave her for her involvement in Kelsey's murder. One official also reportedly described the plea deal as a "deal with the devil". Just two months into serving her sentencing, which took place earlier this year, Krystal decided to seek early release in March. While her request was denied, she can be reconsidered again in six months. Frazee is serving a life sentence plus 156 years for the murder of his fiancee. He was found guilty of first-degree murder, solicitation to commit first-degree murder, and tampering with a deceased human body last year, 9News says. 

Oxygen's series 'Killer Couples' will release on June 18 at 8 pm ET. 

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