Kelly Rowland credits her son, Titan, for making her feel "confident"

Kelly Rowland thanked all the women who have inspired her but is most of all grateful about a son who makes her feel confident.

                            Kelly Rowland credits her son, Titan, for making her feel "confident"

Kelly Rowland, who recently teamed up with TJ Maxx in their Maxx You Project to help women find their self-confidence, reflects upon the fact that it is her son, Titan, who gives her immense inspiration and confidence. At the same time, the singer also thanked her "sheco-system” (which includes her former bandmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams) who have always uplifted her confidence in herself. 

The former Destiny's Child member told People during a conversation at TJ Maxx’s Maxx You Project (where she is one of the mentors), "My son makes me feel confident. He’s just amazing. I’m like, ‘I did that right.’" As her only child with husband Tim Weatherspoon, Rowland said that she wanted Titan to be a better person than she is. "He came at the most interesting time of my life, and I had no choice but to be strong. I want him to be better than me; it’s just that simple. So I always like to make sure I’m doing right by him.” Rowland who had welcomed her son back in 2014 had earlier gushed about how her son seems to be musically inspired since he plays the piano every single day, only at the age of 2. 


Rowland had told People during the 2017 World’s Most Beautiful issues, "He goes back to the same spot and sits in the same seat and plays a specific note every single day. Now he’s broadening his space of the keys on the piano, so I’m just amazed. We’re about to get him piano lessons!” Now the mother-of-one who has set out on a mission of empowering other people has found all her strength in that one child.

However, she continues to be thankful to the league of women who have inspired her throughout her journey. In a statement at the Maxx You Project, Rowland has stated, "Throughout my life, I’ve had an incredible support system of women helping me embrace who I am. That’s why I’m so excited to pay forward that same inspiration and mentorship to the women of The Maxx You Project.”



She also thanked Beyonce's mother, Tina Lawson, who would always compliment Rowland in whatever attire she was in. Speaking to MadameNoire, the 'Whoa! Baby' author recalled, "Tina [Lawson] helped me embrace my individual style. I remember she would say, “Oh, you can just throw a bag on Kelly and she’s going to look great.”

She further elaborated upon the fact that just as Tina had helped boost her confidence, she wants to do something similar for all women through the project. "I felt like their messaging to women in owning and embracing their individual style is so necessary, especially in a time where there’s so much influence through social media and TV and celebrity."



She once again mentioned that in spite of all that she has done, it is finally as a mother that she has found her true core. "With Titan, being a mother, he literally makes me feel like I can do anything every day. So he was put on this earth for more than just to be my son. He’s also my hero."