Kelly Loeffler's ad shows her more conservative than Attila the Hun, Internet dubs it a 'Hollywood disaster'

In the new ad campaign, she depicted herself as 'more conservative' than Attila the Hun, the ruthless ruler of the Hunnic Empire who pillaged Roman cities and slaughtered thousands of people

                            Kelly Loeffler's ad shows her more conservative than Attila the Hun, Internet dubs it a 'Hollywood disaster'
Kelly Loeffler (Getty Images)

Junior United States Senator from Georgia Kelly Loeffler just made a hilariously creative ad campaign showing herself as more conservative than ever before. The ad campaign released on September 22 depicted her as "more conservative" than ruler Attila the Hun, the ruthless ruler of the Hunnic Empire. The 30-second ad shows a man and a woman sitting on a couch, watching TV and talking about Loeffler’s heightened conservative approach and support for Trump. The man in the video agrees that she is more conservative than Attila the Hun. Meanwhile, they stop on a TV channel that shows two characters that resemble Attila, the ruler, and his aide. A grunting Attilla was speaking gibberish and giving orders to his aide who was noting it down. The aide, while transcribing what Attila said, muttered, “Fight China, got it”..... "Attack big government. Eliminate the liberal scribes. Uh oh.”

After this, the narrator says, “More conservative than Attila the Hun. Kelly Loeffler, 100 percent Trump voting record,” while showing a picture of Loeffler and Trump together in a very amiable mood. A user tweeted the ad.


This way Loeffler dived deep into history of Attila who was the ruler of Huns from the 5th century AD. Attila became known as the “scourge of God" as his empire destroyed entire Roman cities and slaughtered thousands of people, reports USA Today.
Loeffler’s ad comes at a time when she is running against Republican Congressman Doug Collins, a strong Trump ally, and 19 other candidates in a Senate election in November. 

USA Today reported that earlier, many thought she would try to appeal to moderate women in the Atlanta suburbs in 2020 who may be drifting away from the GOP. However, with her new campaign video, this has changed entirely where she has heralded herself as the most conservative candidate. Previously, she has tried to shape her image as a conservative as reported by Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The site mentioned how she disparaged the Black Lives Matter movement that will benefit her in the tight November 3 contest. She had also supported conservative causes such as gun rights and backed Trump immensely.

As soon as her new campaign video dropped, it became the talk of the town with many critics opining her for comparing herself to a brutal ruler. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman tweeted, A user tweeted, “Of course there was the whole sacking cities and slaughtering their inhabitants' thing. And I guess that's the part that appeals to modern Republicans.”


Another concurred on using Attila as a metaphor, “Literally the only significant thing that has stuck in the public memory about the Huns is the wholesale slaughter they wreaked upon their defeated enemies. It's the only thing about them anyone really cares about, when they're used as a metaphor.” An infuriated user wrote, “This is a very sick person Attila doesn’t belong in our government! Sen. Kelly Loeffler compares herself to Attila the Hun in a campaign ad - Axios.”



A user called her ad, “Absolute Hollywood disaster and that she's not getting that money back either." Author Meghan Mc Cain wrote, “1. I can't believe this ad is real, it's so stupid. 2. No one thinks this is cool or convincing of you having ANY true conservative bona fides.3. Aren't you supposed to be appealing to moderate women Kelly Loeffler? 4. I had such higher hopes for conservative women in power.” Another mocked, “GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler releases the weirdest ad of the election cycle ... or maybe ever.”




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