Did Kelly Loeffler get Botox? Sick trolls slam her as ‘Botox Barbie’ and Melissa Carone ‘with less lipstick’

The Botox comments sparked from a tweet by columnist Manny Fidel that had four different pictures with the same expressions

                            Did Kelly Loeffler get Botox? Sick trolls slam her as ‘Botox Barbie’ and Melissa Carone ‘with less lipstick’
Kelly Loeffler (Getty Images)

The rampant sexism across all sectors is never ending. Bringing a woman down for her looks is not new. But naming and shaming her for a ‘plastic face’ or getting Botox is going down an obnoxious path that the Internet doesn't shy away from. This time, the target was Kelly Loeffler. Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud sparked a tense atmosphere in Georgia ahead of a crucial Senate debate. Republican senator Kelly Loeffler refused to acknowledge the Joe Biden win and gave a thumbs down to the result of November ballot three times.

As per reports, the election was called and Trump lost by more than seven million votes, however, Loeffler and David Perdue both refused to accept the fact. Moreover, they called for the resignation of fellow Republican and Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. A strong Trump supporter, she has often boasted about her “100 percent Trump voting record” during the campaign.

Kelly Loeffler (Getty Images)

The two might not have sparked any baseless conspiracy theories but they refused to recognize Biden as the president-elect. A Guardian report details how she was asked on numerous occasions whether she “believed Trump’s fictitious claims of election fraud and declined to answer directly each time.” The report explained how she argued Trump had “every right to every legal recourse” in the election. 

Democrat Raphael Warnock criticized Loeffler and asked: “Yes or no, Senator Loeffler: did Donald Trump lose the presidential election?” She dodged his question. Not just that, she also branded him a “radical liberal” with “Marxist ideology” and asked the pastor to renounce Marxism in public. Ignoring those comments, Warnock concluded: “It’s dark right now. But morning is on the way. It’s our job, Georgia to put our shoes on and get ready because there are those engaged in the politics of division. They have no vision and so they engage in division.”

Raphael G Warnock (Getty Images)

No sooner did the news surface on social media, it led to much backlash. Along with criticism for her words, many Twitter users also slammed Loeffler calling her a ‘Botox Barbie’.

It sparked from a tweet by columnist Manny Fidel that had four different pictures with the same expressions, “Here are 4 *different* screenshots of kelly loeffler during tonight's debate. I'm dead serious I took 4 separate screenshots.” The comments increased after Pastor Darrell Scott tweeted, “My friend Senator Kelly Loeffler is KILLING radical liberal Raphael Warnock!!!” The tweet was soon shared by Trump, who wrote, “True. Great debate for Kelly!”

A string of comments slamming for an alleged Botox surgery circulated online. An account tweeted, “Is Kelly Loeffler a robot? Is it Botox? She is terrible. She definitely paid for her seat.” One troll posted, “yeah, let's hear it for Botox Barbie.” A third wrote, “My wife is interested in the level of botox in Loeffler's system.” One blatantly said, “She's not human.”





Many others were fuelled up and lashed out. “Her lack of passion is disturbing. No fire whatsoever. She was either programmed with literally one facial expression or her plastic surgeon filled her so full of botox & fillers that she is frozen-perpetual resting bitch brows. Kinda has a boozy barfly affect,” one tweet read. Comparing her to Rudy Giuliani's star witness in the Trump campaign's election fraud case, one wrote, “Kelly Loeffler is Mellissa Carone with more Botox and less lipstick.”

However, soon many others slammed the trolls who used Botox as a weapon. Republican Congressional Nominee Kimberly Klacik said, “The fact that #Botox is trending because some Democrats, definitely not all, can’t stand the fact that @KLoeffler is beautiful is extremely disturbing. Even men are on here commenting on a woman’s looks. That’s not okay. You can be beautiful & intelligent. It’s damn near 2021.”

Carly Ortiz-Lytle said, “If you are speculating, commenting on, or criticizing a political candidate's appearance, or speculating about botox, please reexamine your life. Attack the policies, not the person's appearance.”





As far as official reports, nothing points to the fact that she may have gotten Botox. False as these allegations may be, they are downright degrading. This is not the first time Kelly has been surrounded by a major controversy. Her “Marxist ideology” comment for Warnock came across as a racial slur. He said, “I’m not going to be distracted by the politics of fear and division,” adding, “We know what they’re doing—these are all ways of saying that he’s something other than you. And it’s really unfortunate that people are still trafficking in this kind of politics.”

Moreover, she is linked to the 2020 Congressional insider trading scandal after selling stock in companies vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic valued at several million dollars. That took place the same day she attended a private briefing of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions before the public had been alerted to its severity. Politico later reported that the Senate Ethics Committee dropped probe and cleared her of wrongdoing.

“Based on all the information before it, the Committee did not find evidence that your actions violated federal law, Senate Rules or standards of conduct,” Deborah Sue Mayer, the Ethics Committee’s chief counsel and staff director, said. “Accordingly, consistent with its precedent, the Committee has dismissed the matter.”

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