'The Voice' season 15: Kelly Clarkson shocks all by choosing Sandy Redd over Cody Ray Raymond

Monday night when the battle rounds of 'The Voice' season 15 commenced Kelly chose Sandy Redd against Cody Ray Raymond, and that ended up being a bad decision.

                            'The Voice' season 15: Kelly Clarkson shocks all by choosing Sandy Redd over Cody Ray Raymond

Kelly Clarkson had a tough choice to make, during the battle rounds this season. And the choice she made just left us asking one major question, "What was she thinking?".

Monday night when the battle rounds of 'The Voice' season 15 commenced, Kelly chose Sandy Redd over Cody Ray Raymond. While both artists excelled at their performances during the blind auditions, Sandy was definitely the frontrunner on account of her four-chair turn. 

Battling it out by performing 'Cry To Me' by Solomon Burke, the stage was lit when Cody started singing. You could see the chemistry between the two and how in sync their voices were. It complemented the song in a really beautiful way; her raspy tone was just the right match to his low voice.

Cody undoubtedly had a unique tone with all the training he had received from mentor Thomas Rhett during the rehearsals. But Sandy, with her husky voice and a tone to hit any pitch high or low, she had set the bar really high which had our money on Kelly, assuming that since she has Sandy in her team, it is her direct key to winning the finals this season, making it her double victory. Especially considering the fact that Kelly broke down during their final stage rehearsal. But shockingly, we were let down when these good feelings came crashing down by the end of the face-off between Cody and Sandy.


The performance started off with Cody singing, while the audience kept silent during his verse, the second Sandy came into the spotlight, they could not contain their excitement and erupted in cheers. It was as if the song was made for a voice like hers. It didn't take long before the audience applauded them with a standing ovation. This was by itself enough to make Kelly even more nervous and we could see that look on her face. 

Well the audience were not the only ones who were left spellbound with their performance, the judges' reactions during and after their performance also showed that they were in to "steal" who ever was left out by the end of the battle. Especially with Adam and Blake getting really excited with each note that was hit perfectly. Hudson on the other hand, it was clearly seen that as much as she tried to contain her excitement and not show them, her facial expressions said it all. She even went a step ahead and tried to calm down Kelly, who was getting really anxious at every major note that was hit. 

No matter how much Hudson tried to calm Kelly down, she was really anxious because she knew that she had to let go one of her most powerful performers. She was almost in tears by the end of their performance which left it harder for her to judge and reveal her pick after the battle.  

The Battles Premiere” Episode 1507 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sandyredd, Cody Ray Raymond -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
The Battles Premiere” Episode 1507 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sandyredd, Cody Ray Raymond -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

After the duo delivered their impressive take on Solomon Burke's song, Adam, who was the first one to speak revealed that he was ready to pick whoever was left, and that he loved both their performances. Blake on the other hand was very upfront with his views and revealed that he for sure would pick Sandy. Well, at least he knew what he needed in order to win, and didn't want to miss out another chance. Hudson was so speechless, she just revealed that Kelly had her hand jam packed with this decision because their performance was so raw and fresh like they were ready for this moment and didn't let anything or anyone stop them. 

With Kelly all riled up, she was left speechless and way too anxious to even reveal her comments on the performance, well, we don't blame her for it but seriously it wasn't that hard. You know you have a winner the minute you hear them sing, and if you are going to decide to let them go, well then bad news for you. Kelly's suspense on the result left the other three judges on pins because they were ready for a steal. 

Even before Kelly could reveal her decision, Adam had his hand on the buzzer to grab whoever was left. It was quite a long, thoughtful decision that left everyone puzzled at the end. When Kelly revealed that she chose Cody as the winner, the other two judges knew that this was the time and that they had to be ready for a steal. 

“Blind Auditions” Episode 1504 -- Pictured: SandyRedd -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
“Blind Auditions” Episode 1504 -- Pictured: SandyRedd -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Though Cody was happy with his result, which is obvious given he was just chosen above Sandy, who received a four-chair turn, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows on her end, because she obviously didn't expect that result. Especially after the comments she received from Kelly during her blind auditions and the battle round. 

What makes me wonder is why would Kelly even decide to let go of the diamond she had with her. She was definitely rendered speechless during Sandy's blind auditions, and battle round. She was also in tears during both the rehearsals and the battel round again. So why would she do that? 

During her comments in the battle round she did reveal that Cody had a voice like none other she has heard before, could that be the reason? Or is it because she didn't want to play too safe and wanted to explore with a new artist who has just discovered a new tone in his voice? Whatever her reason to choose Cody might be, Sandy was up for steal and for sure the three judges were not going to let her slip away that easily.


The second host Carson Daly announced that Sandy was up for steal Adam hit his buzzer followed by Blake and finally Hudson. With a huge decision to be made, Sandy finally chose Hudson to be her new coach.

This brings Hudson up the winning scale, because she now has 3 powerhouse performers in her team. Which automatically means, Kelly, who was up the pedestal with a higher chance of winning this season, was brought down and Hudson landed that spot, making her the judge with the highest chances of winning this season.

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