Kelly Clarkson thanks Carrie Underwood for making her feel 'really thin'

The Voice judge is ecstatic that clothes are now big for her and is happy with her weight loss journey.

                            Kelly Clarkson thanks Carrie Underwood for making her feel 'really thin'
Kelly Clarkson (Source:Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson has been working really hard to get back in shape and it looks like Carrie Underwood might have helped her feel good about herself unknowingly. Kelly recently took to Twitter to share an adorable video which showed her surrounded by gifts that were sent by Carrie from her activewear and accessories line, CALIA. Celebrating its third anniversary, Carrie wanted to share some special items with Kelly and it sure did make her feel good. 

 In the video, Kelly can be seen opening a five-tier “cake” comprised of colorful gift boxes. Falling in love with the idea, the singer could not help but praise the item. 

“Carrie Underwood, this is adorable,” she noted. “I don’t know if you came up with this, but your company is turning three, congratulations!” She went on to add that she loves everything from their collection. “I love all your stuff you always send me,” she added. “It’s a cake. It’s in the shape of a cake because they’re turning 3, Y'all. Who came up with this? That’s adorable. Each one is a drawer with a gift.”

At the same time, the mother of two shared some exciting news about her fitness as she revealed she had lost some weight. “And Carrie Underwood, thank you as well because I’ve lost weight since you sent this,” she said before admitting that "it’s all too big for me which made me feel really thin. But I’m gonna find someone that loves it.” While everything is a favorite for Kelly, she loves the brand's socks in particular. 

“I love your socks best. I know that’s funny, but your socks and your fanny pack are my jam,” she said. “But I love it! This is amazing. Whoever thought of this cake idea, this is great. Good job, Carrie Underwood and team.” Carrie replied to Kelly's tweet by writing, "So glad you love it!!!  We will send you more!" along with a kiss emoji. Kelly has often spoken about having weight problems and had even opened up about fighting bulimia while she was in high school. 

The singer revealed her tremendous weight loss during the first episode of The Voice. Kelly took to Instagram to share the image of her sitting on The Voice chair looking healthier and happier than ever. The weight loss was very apparent from Clarkson's face and everything from her clothes and outfit choice to her hairstyle was well done. In the picture, Kelly thanked her stylist, make-up artist and hair-dresser who dressed her for the photo.