Kelly Brook turns back the clock with photo in see-through lace bodysuit

Kelly Brook took a trip down memory lane by posting a snap from her first debut calendar shoot in 2000

                            Kelly Brook turns back the clock with photo in see-through lace bodysuit
Kelly Brook (Source:Getty Images)

Kelly Brook has posted a jaw-dropping picture from one of her first shoots on Instagram and the 38-year-old model looks as steamy as ever flaunting her curves in the white lace bodysuit with intricate see-through lace. Brook rips through the lens with those smokey eyes and full thick lips. Her golden tan just adds to the exoticism. Brook captioned the post: "The beginning... Think this was a Loaded Shoot I did when I was 18."

The sizzling lads' mags model has once again managed to drive her fans crazy over her looks and demeanor. One of the fans commented: "Had that poster of you on my bedroom wall when I was 16. 32 now and I still think your fit as f#@k 😍"

Another fan stated, "I think the first ever picture of you I saw was in a video games magazine, in a leather type thing with a sword. Can’t remember what the game was you were advertising, Dungeon Keeper or something similar perhaps? But I have been a fan ever since. 😊." One fan commented: "Have you aged at all? What's the secret? Chest defo got bigger..." Other fans said that she grew more alluring with the passing years, "Smoking hot as usual. As days passed by u turned into an even hotter bombshell sweetheart...🔥🔥💣💣😘😘."

The 38-year-old 'Loose Women' star took a trip down the memory lane by posting this picture from El Matador beach in Malibu, California, where she had shot for her debut calendar in 2000. The Sun reported about her return for the shoot in the same place where the model stripped off to strike a similar pose for the camera years ago.

Although the two poses look similar, Brook appears to be a lot more poised in the recent picture. Brook is not ashamed of her curves and her photoshoots clearly reveal that the brunette, who first began as a Page 3 model when she was 16, doesn't mind stripping down every now and then. 

Apparently, Brook often enjoys taking a naked sunbath and prefers doing her gardening while naked so that she can get an even tan on her body. The Kent native says that her parents were quite supportive about it, and helped her secure a place at the Italia Conti stage school when she was 12. Brook did a few minor gigs on MTV and the Trouble channel before she got her breakthrough into the glamour world when she replaced Denise Van Outen on Channel 4's 'The Big Breakfast' in 1999. 

However, the then 18-year-old model had to let go of the role after only six months following a string of mishaps that involved a malfunctioning autocue. She had later mentioned, "It was my first TV job and people literally sat and scrutinized everything I did and wrote down every mistake... At that age, it's hard to deal with."

However, Brook wasn't someone who could be pinned down easily. She soon moved to Los Angeles with her then-boyfriend Jason Statham, where she landed minor roles in films including one in the adventure thriller 'Three' which also starred the 'Titanic' actor Billy Zane. The model and the actor soon began seeing each other and became red carpet regulars. The two were engaged for almost four years during which time Brook's career shot to the sky. She was seen hosting the reality show 'Celebrity Love Island', launched a swimwear and lingerie line at New Look and was also seen starring in ITV drama 'Miss Marple'.

However, the relationship didn't last as the actress called off the engagement in 2007 immediately after her father's death due to lung cancer. She also had to pull herself off that year's 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

A BBC spokesman said, "Understandably, she has found it too difficult... Kelly has been a fantastic part of the programme, and she will be sorely missed by everyone on the show who would also like to express their deepest sympathy to Kelly and her family at this difficult time." 

Over the years, Brook juggled her way through several careers of being an actor, a model and a TV presenter. She developed the passion for gardening, travelling, and cooking. On the official website she mentions, "Living on an Apple and Pear Farm in the English Countryside I also divide my time between Paris, Los Angeles and Rome." The 38-year-old who is currently dating the Italian model Jeremy Parisi considers gardening to be her pride and she admitted that she attains happiness from it. She said, "Gardening is now my full-time hobby and it's great exercise. I don't mind getting my hands dirty!”

The model is currently dating the Italian model Jeremy Parisi (Getty Images)

Her new passion might be a striking contrast to what her career is but that did not stop from getting claimed to be The Sexiest Woman In The World by FHM Magazine and she also featured in Playboy in 2010. The model/actress now lives in beautiful 600-year-old apple and pear farm in Kent where she grows her own vegetables and spends time cooking and lounging at the outdoor pool.