'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 18: Tristan and Khloe hang out, fans ask why Jordyn is still outcast

The series teased a lot about Kim and Kourtney's fight so when fans tuned in to watch the premiere they were shocked to see Kim meet Tristan for dinner

                            'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 18: Tristan and Khloe hang out, fans ask why Jordyn is still outcast
Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods (Getty Images)

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' is back with Season 18. While fans were waiting to see the drama between Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian unfold, they weren't expecting to see Tristan back. 

The series teased a lot about Kim and Kourtney's fight, so when fans tuned in to watch the premiere they were shocked to see Kim meet Tristan Thompson for dinner. Ever since his cheating scandal came to light, there has been a lot of tension between Kim and Tristan. 

However, when the season premiered, Tristan was in New York the same time Kim was, so she invited him to join her friends and her for dinner. Kim called Khloe Kardashian to see if she would be okay with it. "I think what you're doing is nice. I think it's beyond that you invited him," Khole said. 

While it was awkward when he walked in, once they got to talking, the dinner turned out to be fine. Updating Khole on what happened, Kim said, “Dinner was amazing. No one was awkward. We all had a good time. We all were laughing and talking. I could be myself with my friends, he could be himself. I think everyone walked away [thinking], like, wow…he's a really nice person."


While we thought that was all we would see of Tristan, we were wrong. Later in the episode, Kris and other family members met at Khloe's house for dinner and Tristan happened to be there visiting True.

Since he was there, Kim invited him to join them for dinner as well. "He can come over whenever he wants to see True. He's not here that often, so when he is in LA, I want him to capitalize and enjoy all the time he can with her. [But] Tristan and I have never had dinner without True since all of this stuff happened."

Having Tristan spend time without True there had Khloe feeling a little uncomfortable. "I'm really trying to set boundaries. I don't want to blur any lines. I don't want anybody ever saying, 'You led me on'. Kim and Tristan have always had ups and downs, rightfully so, and for Kim to extend this olive branch — it's surprising. It's very sweet. But this is at MY house. I think sometimes people just assume everything's good but I just want to be asked because this is a little uncomfortable," Khole said in the confessional. 

Later when Kim had gone to Khloe's house, she opened up about feeling uncomfortable and how she wanted to handle their relationship. "We don't all need to be hanging out for no reason. It's not even been a year since our breakup, so it's just a lot so soon, in my opinion. We still have a lot of transitional period to do. So when you're asking him to come to dinner, I can't say no…because that's awkward. But that's the first dinner that I've had with Tristan without the baby."

Kim understood what Khole said and compiled. Taking to Twitter after the episode, fans questioned the sisters and said if they can come around to forgiving Tristan and hanging out with him, why can't they do the same with Jordyn, Kylie's former best friend. 

"So Tristan is back but not Jordyn..... WTH?!? #KUWTK," a fan wrote. Another viewer said, "Okay so why are they so forgiving towards Tristan but not Jordyn #KUWTK." 

"What irks me is that Tristan can get all the passes, maturity and forgiveness, yet its judgment if Kylie were to build back her bond with bestie Jordyn," a fan wrote while another said, "I love how all the Kardashians are so ok with welcoming Tristan back into the family but treat Jordyn like she did it alone #KUWTK." 

"#KUWTK This will be my only tweet about this show tonight. If they are CHOOSING to forgive Tristan and have dinner, drinks & an open door policy. Where's that same energy for Jordyn?" said a fan.

Another added, "I don't understand how they were so forgiving towards Tristan and not Jordyn when he's the one that ignited what happened between them. I just don't get it. #KUWTK." 

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 18 airs every Thursday night only on E! Check your local listings for more information.

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