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'KUWTK': Kris tries to bribe Kim and Kendall to walk in Paris show, fans can't get enough of their reactions

Kris Jenner is desperate to find a replacement after Kylie Jenner books a big gig and then backs out as she falls ill
Kris Jenner (Getty Images)
Kris Jenner (Getty Images)

Kris Jenner is desperate to find a replacement after Kylie Jenner books a big gig and then backs out. 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' returned with a drama-packed season premiere on Thursday night and fans were looking forward to seeing the fistfight between Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian. But what they couldn't get enough of was Kim and Kendall Jenner's reactions to Kris offering them thousands to replace Kylie in the Balmain Paris show. 

At the beginning of the episode, Kylie revealed a collaboration between Kylie Cosmetics and Balmain, with her Kylie x Balmain Collection that was to be launched during the brand's Paris Fashion Week.

Kylie wasn't just serving as the show's Artistic Director of Makeup, but she was also supposed to close the show. Talking about it, Kylie shared, "I can’t wait, this is going to be so big for Kylie Cosmetics."

But tragedy strikes, as just days before her flight to Paris, Kylie gets sick with a severe strep throat. “I’m here in Paris getting ready and set up for the Kylie Cosmetics collab. But as we were about to go to the airport, Kylie called me and said she wasn’t feeling well. I called in our family doctor to go to the house and make sure she’s okay and she has any of the medication she might need so she can hop on the plane to get to Paris. I really hope that it’s all going to work out."


As time grew closer, it became clear that Kylie might not be able to make it to the fashion show. Worried about Kylie not being able to get on the plane, Kris shared, "Kylie is still feeling too sick to get on the plane, but the show must go on. As exciting as it all is, I am very nervous about Olivier [Rousteing] feeling a certain way because Kylie’s not here." 

Wanting to solve the problem, and find a replacement for Kylie if she doesn't make it, Kris calls up Kendall to see if she will take Kylie's place and walk the ramp. "Mom, I love you and I’d love to save the day but you know I have work here. I really can't," Kendall told her mother. 

Kris tried to bribe Kendall saying, "I’ll give you a Balmain bag." But sadly that didn't work. With Kylie's health not getting any better Kris decides to call Kim with a bigger offer.

"My mom is in Paris crying, calling me on the phone going, ‘You need to come to Paris, you need to close the show. Kylie’s sickness has gotten a lot worse so I get why my mom is in panic mode because she’s in Paris trying to figure it all out.” Kim added that if she was in this situation, she would go for it, even in her death bed. 

Kris tried to make Kim a bigger offer saying, “Would you consider $300,000 in cash and a jet tonight? God, this feels weird lol. But I’m totally legit.” While Kim stood her ground and decided not to go because it would be a clash between Kylie's makeup brand and hers, Kris upped her offer. "Okay, she’s upped it. 400k now. 'I won’t take a commission. The jet can leave tonight. You can bring North'," Kim read. 

Watching the episode, fans couldn't get enough of Kim and Kendall's reactions to Kris bribing them to walk the ramp instead of Kylie. "Lmaooo yo Kris really said she would give $300,000 cash to Kim just to come walk a show," a fan wrote. 

"Did anyone notice that kris was more worried about Kylie not coming to the show then her actually being in the hospital? #KUWTK," a fan said. While another shared, "Kylie was damn near dying...kris was offering 100s of thousands in cold hard cash and @KimKardashian was like nah, sorry doesn’t go with my brand." 

"Kris offered Kim 400k to go to Paris she laughed and so no.. oh they are rich rich," a fan said. Another shared, "The way Kris just casually offered Kim almost half a mill. just to appear at a show is the amount of wealth I am trying to claim into my life. Periodt. #KUWTK." 

"lmaoooo kris is trying to bribe them! 400k? #kuwtk," a fan wrote. 

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 18 airs every Thursday night on E!. Check your local listings for more information.