'Keeping up with the Kardashians': North West embarrasses Kim Kardashian in front of JoJo Siwa and fans are all for it

'Keeping up with the Kardashians': North West embarrasses Kim Kardashian in front of JoJo Siwa and fans are all for it
Kim Kardashian And North West (Source : Getty Images)

North West is a born diva and we have seen proof of that time and again. However, the latest episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' (KUWTK) has fans praising and falling in love with North after she decided to throw Kim Kardashian under the bus in front of reality TV star JoJo Siwa. The recent episode of the show had North visiting JoJo Siwa. While the six-year-old was extremely happy to meet Jo Jo, she also had a few things that she wanted to let out. Without taking a second to think, North quickly noted what Kim really thought about JoJo. 

Looking at Kim, North said, "My mom said you scream a lot." While JoJo was surprised she did not take the comment seriously and laughed it off. However, Kim felt embarrassed and decided to defend herself by stating that she did not mean it in a bad way. 

"I did not say that. I said you need to scream a lot like Jo Jo. You need to keep your volume up like her," Kim said. She added that she was fully exposed by North but it seemed like North was enjoying the moment when she put her mom in a spot. While Kim was having a hard time because of the situation she was put in, fans were enjoying every second of it. 


Fans were quick to note North's outspoken behavior. "North was born to be superstar," noted one fan. "Hahaha, North really tried to expose you!!" another added.  Many fans also had a great laugh looking at how Kim tried to tackle the situation by justifying what she had stated earlier. 

"LMFAOOO you really tried to cover!!!! north is always blowing your cover!" one fan commented. Meanwhile, another fan noted that it was good to tell the children what should not be discussed with others as it helped to keep the secret intact. 

"Innocent honesty. That's why you tell those little ones when they are small, never tell what mommy talks about. Lol" a user noted. Another fan added that she had experienced the same situation as she noted, "My son does this to me all the time. Kids always snitching, lol..." read the comment. 

However, this is not the first time that North decided to let a secret out. Previously, Kim revealed that North had told her friends about the pregnancy that she was hiding from everyone. While it may seem like North loves throwing Kim's secrets out in the world, the two have a gala time together nonetheless. Kim often takes to her Instagram to share pictures of them. Meanwhile, she also takes the opportunity to let her fans know about North's makeup skills as the reality star often posts video of North playing with her make-up. 


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