Keanu Reeves bonds with passengers on bus after his flight left him stranded in Bakersfield

The actor was aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank, Los Angeles, over the weekend, which unfortunately had to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield.

                            Keanu Reeves bonds with passengers on bus after his flight left him stranded in Bakersfield
Actor Keanu Reeves (Source : Getty Images)

Keanu Reeves was back on a bus after around 25 years after the release of his hit movie 'Speed' and was seen sweetly bonding with his fellow passengers while on the long duration bus journey over the weekend. 

The 'Speed' star found himself stranded in California after his LA-bound United Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing from San Fransisco, reports Daily Mail. The inconvenience of the travel logistics was definitely softened as many of the stranded passengers took to social media to share their wholesome and exciting interactions with Reeves. One of the passengers Amir Blum was even able to take a picture with the actor at a bus station. 

The fan took to Twitter to share the image along with the caption, "That time when your flight out from #GDC almost crashes and you have to emergency land in a remote airport but at least Keanu Reeves is having as bad a day as you are." While another fellow traveler recorded a couple of the interactions which Keanu had with other passengers. The video read, "we might be riding a bus w/Keanu... he chose to stay and wait. (Ignore the footwear)."

Keanu can be heard explaining the situation at the airport to a couple of other passengers by saying, "People who can unload the bags won't be here for three hours. The vans will be here in an hour so if you want to hit the road and deal with your bags later or deal with customer service and get it delivered later. Maybe." Another video clip showed Reeves talking to passengers along with the caption, "Keanu sortin' it out (he's gorgeous btw)."

An adorable moment was seen when the actor decided to read some facts about the city of Bakersfield from his phone. He could be heard saying, "Its population is around 380,000 making it the ninth most populous city in California and the 52nd most populous city in the nation." He then took out his phone again and started to amuse passengers with some 'Bakersfield sounds' as he played country music from the city off of YouTube. 

When the first stranded passenger was ready to get off the bus, Keanu politely extended his hand to shake his and said, "pleasure to meet you." The journey with Keanu ended in a parking lot of a Carl's Jr. with a video of him walking towards the restaurant with the caption, "It's been a long day for all of us."

Keanu Reeves' plane makes emergency landing forcing him to take a bus instead (Source: Getty Images)

United Airlines released a statement which read, "SkyWest Flight 5223, operating as United Express from San Francisco to Burbank on Saturday, March 23, diverted to Bakersfield due to a mechanical indication. The flight landed safely without incident in Bakersfield. Passengers deplaned normally at the gate and were then transported via ground transportation to Burbank," the statement continued.