Katy Perry shows off massive baby bump in 'Daisies' music video, leaves fans 'crying with happiness'

The singer shared that the song is about 'strength and resilience', adding that she hoped it would encourage people to chase after their dreams

                            Katy Perry shows off massive baby bump in 'Daisies' music video, leaves fans 'crying with happiness'
Katy Perry (Getty Images)

Katy Perry has dropped the music video for the single 'Daisies' off her upcoming as-yet-untitled fifth studio album, which is due August 14.

The song is a call for unity and resilience, one that the singer hopes will empower and encourage listeners to chase after what they want, especially during these trying times.

Sharing the release via Twitter, Perry stated, "Each of us is one in more than seven billion, with our own story of strength and resilience to tell. DAISIES is out now. I hope it will be the soundtrack to going for your dreams now... especially the ones we left behind." The song itself has also been described as, "an exhilarating celebration of resilience of the human spirit in the face of cynicism and adversity. The anthemic song is a call to remain true to the course you've set for yourself, regardless of what others may think."

With lyrics like, "They said I'm going nowhere / Tried to cut me out / Took those sticks and stones / Showed them I could build a house / Tell me that I'm crazy / Never let them change me / So they cover me in daisies," this song carries a wonderfully empowering message, one that is sorely needed right now.


The music video features the pregnant 35-year-old singer, whose previous music video 'Never Worn White' announced that she was expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom, dressed in an angelic off-white lace dress as she basks in the glory of nature. And Perry looks absolutely resplendent as she goes from a stunning wild garden to a waterfall to a cliff, giving us all some severe FOMO along the way as we all continue to weather the coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdown. But in case anyone was concerned, Perry and her team did comply with safety regulations by maintaining a safe distance during the shoot with filmmaker Liza Voloshin.

Fans are already gushing over the song and its visuals. One fan tweeted, "I don’t even have words to describe how much i love #daisies," while another shared, "That was my reaction: crying with happiness! Love you!!!"

"You are going to be such a good mother, I can’t wait for you and Orlando to be there for your guys daughter and tell her all the great empowering stories you know. You deserve the whole world. I love you and #daisies," tweeted one fan.

And in a show of solidarity across fandoms, BTS' ARMY is also showering Perry's new single with adoration, tweeting, "ARMYS! KATY PERRY DROPPED HER LEAD SINGLE AFTER 3 YEARS, #DAISIES, LITERALLY A POP MASTERPIECE, WE ALL ARE HERE TO SUPPORT AND STREAM!"

Fans can currently pre-order bundles themed after 'Daisies' via 'Katy's Daisies', in addition to sending virtual bouquets to their loved ones.

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