After Katy Perry teared up on 'American Idol', here are the top five celebrity breakdowns on reality TV

Katy Perry did not just cry during the Sunday episode of 'American Idol' season 17, she also threw her jacket after watching the soulful performance of Alejandro Aranda

                            After Katy Perry teared up on 'American Idol', here are the top five celebrity breakdowns on reality TV

During 'American Idol' season 17, Katy Perry drew audience attention after tearing up on multiple occasions. She is easily moved with great performances and that results in her tearing up quite often.

The most recent incident occurred when one of the contestants — Dimitrius Graham — revealed to the judges that he had just learned that his mother is scheduled for a surgery the day after and that he will not be present by her side. He dialled her on Facetime and she watched her son perform for the auditions. Katy started weeping as she held the phone in one hand.

Soon after this, there was another performance by one Alejandro Aranda which elicited an interesting reaction from her and co-judge Luke Bryan. The two threw their jackets at the contestant to show their appreciation.

We decided to take a look at the top five celebrity breakdown moments on reality TV.

1. Kelly Clarkson's response to the historic gay performance on 'The Voice' in 2018

During the blind auditions on 'The Voice', OneUp members Adam and Jerome's rendition of Spinners' 'Could It Be I’m Falling in Love' brought Kelly Clarkson to tears. By the end of their performance, everyone except Adam Levine had turned around to take a look at the performers. When Kelly addressed the contestants, she choked up and said, "In a time in this country when it is so divisive, this is such a beautiful thing. It is proof that, in this country, love is limitless. It’s the most beautiful thing that has happened to me this season."

2. When Simon Cowell broke down 'X Factor' in 2015

Simon Cowell, who is known to be one of the meanest judges on reality TV, couldn't hold back his tears in 2015 when Josh Daniel performed at the 'X Factor' auditions. The song that he performed was Labrinth's 'Jealous' and the reason Simon teared up was that he had just recently lost his mother. Josh had dedicated his performance to his best friend who had died in a car crash. Speaking about his reaction, he had told Hello, "Of course, the lyric of the song... It was quite difficult because, I thought, 'God this is going to be really hard to sit through this'. But then you've got to think of [the contestant] and it's his moment but... Yes, it was very emotional."

3. Kelly Clarkson performing 'Piece by Piece' in 2016

In 2016, a very pregnant Kelly Clarkson went on the 'American Idol' stage to perform one of her most popular songs 'Piece by Piece'. By the end of the song, not only was she on the verge of tears and had to almost stop, she also brought fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to tears with her performance.

4. Louis Tomlinson tears up after Anthony Russell's performance on 'X Factor' in 2018

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson was in tears when he watched Anthony Russell come back to 'X Factor' after havin secured a spot in the judges house in the previous season. Anthony had to exit the show due to personal reasons and it was Louis who had helped him out. So, when he saw Anthony on stage, he did get emotional. After the performance, he went on stage to welcome his friend.

5. Mel B and Tyra Banks crying over We Three's performance on 'America's Got Talent' in 2018

Mel B and Trya Banks couldn't hold it together once siblings Joshua, Bethany and Manny of the band We Three began to perform an original song 'Heaven's Not too Far Away'. They dedicated the song to their late mother who had passed away due to cancer.