Katie Price is worried that Kieran Hayler is plotting revenge and will try and expose their messy marriage

Now Katie's new boyfriend Kris' ex girlfriend has warned the model that the fitness instructor has a tendency to cheat and that she's warning her to leave him as soon as possible

                            Katie Price is worried that Kieran Hayler is plotting revenge and will try and expose their messy marriage
Katie Price (Source:Getty Images)

Katie Price may have moved on from her ex Kieran Hayler with her new boyfriend Kris Boyson but it looks like she better keep an eye on her ex. Kieran has moved out of the family home and has also been offered the opportunity to spill details on their messy marriage. Katie has already shared the shocking details of Hayler's affair with the nanny. 

However, the tables have turned and Kieran could tell his side of the story while appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. The summer's show has a 'scandal' theme which could fit Kieran's cheating story perfectly. If Kieran is able to make the show, 2015 winner Katie is definitely going not going to be happy. According to The Mirror, as reported by Star magazine, "Celebrity Big Brother execs plan on having fun when they select housemates. The more scandalous, the better," a source shared. 


Katie Price and Kieran Hayler (Source: Getty Images)

"They want the stars to be as outspoken as possible, with relevant controversy attached to their name. They really want to create a buzz. Kieran would be amazing and now he has nothing to lose," the source continued. For the last series of Big Brother, the producers have opted to have an all-female house to start with before sending in more and more males. 

Last week, Kieran was seen returning to his previous home to drop off his two children with his ex. He was quite glum and low as he dropped off his 4-year-old son Jett and 2-year-old daughter Bunny to his former partner's Sussex mansion. Just minutes later, Katie was seen arriving on the scene along with her current boyfriend Kris Boyson. Katie and Kris' relationship is nothing short of controversial. 

Kris' former girlfriend Katie Knowles has come forward to reveal that he allegedly cheated on her during their relationship. According to the Sun, as reported by new! magazine, Knowles revealed that they were still together when Kris started dating Price. "He's such a good liar... I actually had my suspicions throughout the whole relationship that he was being unfaithful. Then I had a couple of girls message me saying they've been dating him while he's been dating me. The truth of it is disgusting," she shared.

Knowles also shared that he still calls her even though he is dating the former glamor model and she highly doubts whether he will be faithful to her. She even alleged that she is aware of the fact that he has been sending Snapchat messages to other women behind Price's back. Knowles who is from Beckenham, South London urged Price to dump Kris to save herself from heartbreak. "Run and don't give him the time of day," Knowles said.

The Sun revealed in May that Katie had finally dumped Kieran for good after she discovered that he had cheated on her multiple times. Since then she has moved on with Kris. And if we were to believe's her new toyboy's ex-girlfriend's warning then seems like Katie has slid into the arms of another heartbreaker.