Katie Price shares letter revealing action taken against 'disgusting' cops who abused her son Harvey online

Katie Price shares letter revealing action taken against 'disgusting' cops who abused her son Harvey online
Katie Price posted a letter from the Met Police addressing the online abuse of her son, Harvey, on Instagram (katieprice/Instagram)

SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM: TV personality Katie Price took to social media recently to let people know that some of the officers were facing misconduct proceedings over their suspected involvement in a group chat and shared inappropriate images of her disabled son. Price, 44, posted the letter from the Met Police that addressed the “derogatory’” images of her son Harvey, 20. The TV star-model labelled the behavior “disgusting.” The letter comes 18 months after Price had called for eight officers to be investigated for allegedly sharing inappropriate material about her son, to be "named and shamed." She had also emotionally admitted that she did not like that the police was being “horrible to Harvey.”


Price had previously clapped back at those who had abused her son on the internet. “I'm able to speak out myself, but my son Harvey was born with disabilities, he gets a lot of racial abuse, disgusting despicable things… He gets memes made about it, TikToks, posters, he gets mocked in such a serious disgusting way, there has to be some kind of justice,” she said while addressing the Commons Petitions Committee.


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What was in the letter?

Price posted a photo of the letter which was hand delivered to her home, wherein a PC investigator in the Professional Standards Department of the Met Police apologized for the officers' alleged behavior, per the Daily Mail. “I am sorry to make you aware that a number of Metropolitan Police officers are alleged to have breached the Standards of Professional Behavior in regards to Discreditable Conduct for being part of a Whatsapp group chat that has posted inappropriate and discriminatory images of your son, Harvey Price,” the letter read.


The letter from the Met Police. (@katieprice/Instagram)
Katie Price posted the letter she received from the Met Police about some officers who had allegedly 'named and shamed' her son (Instagram/katieprice)

The officer also goes on to assure Price that the eight officers’ alleged involvement will be subject to a “Gross Misconduct Hearing starting on 20th February 2023 which will be held in public at a hearing center in West Brompton, London.”


Katie Price calls officers ‘disgusting’

Along with the letter, Price posted a caption slamming the officers for their behavior against her son. “I feel I need to share this hand delivered letter from the metropolitan police. It’s disgusting that police officers from here have felt the need to laugh and use disgusting content on Harvey by creating a WhatsApp group,” she wrote, adding, “I would attend this court day but I’m away. They need to be named shamed and exposed.”

What is the Prader-Willi Syndrome?



Harvey was born with the genetic disorder Prader-Willi syndrome, a medical condition that leaves people feeling more hungry than normal constantly and usually leads to diabetes and obesity, Closer Online reported. The condition also affects a person’s intellectual and behavioral development. He has also been partially blind since birth.

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 Katie Price shares letter revealing action taken against 'disgusting' cops who abused her son online