Katie Price admits to being a member of the mile high club but then she avoids the plane's toilets for her flings

Katie Price doesn't shy from getting what she wants and if she wants sex on a plane then she gets it even when she is surrounded by people.

                            Katie Price admits to being a member of the mile high club but then she avoids the plane's toilets for her flings
Katie Price (Source:Getty Images)

Katie Price is not shy when it comes to having sex on board a flight but there are certain rules she follows. The 40-year-old who is currently dating her 29-year-old toyboy Kris Boyson said she refuses to get playful in the toilets because of fear of getting caught. Instead, she tries to have some fun in the comfort of first class. When asked if she's ever joined the Mile High Club, Katie answered: "Yes! Not in the toilet that's so obvious," as reported by Mirror. "You just do it other ways don't you?" she said before adding, "Put the blanket over you, little... yeah. You can only do it in first class in my way." This comes after Katie and Kris made their first television appearance on Friday's Loose Women. 

Kris claimed that she looked "skinny and old" when they first met. "We just clicked early on and I gave as good as she gave and she gave me a bit of grief at the beginning," Kris recalled meeting Katie when he was training her son, Harvey. "She looks totally different [now]," he continued. "When I met her I'd be honest with her - she looks too skinny, ill and old. I said that to her." While it might seem that Katie has everything undercover in her love life, it may not be the same when it comes to her relationship with her ex, Peter Andre of Kieran Hayler for that matter. 

Peter is currently taking care of their children, 13-year-old Junior and 11-year-old Princess while Katie seems to be too busy partying her nights away. Peter, showing what a family man he is, recently shared a picture of the children which was taken when he and his wife Emily MacDonagh took them to 'Thomas The Tank Engine' movie premiere. 

The four looked like a happy family. On the same day, however, pictures of Katie surfaced online which showed that the former glamor model had a little more than she could handle as she stumbled to maintain her balance. It has been reported that family and friends are tired of seeing how much liberty she has been taking. At the same time, people are questioning her if she could be a good parent to her children, thanks to her lifestyle.

At the same time, Peter also requested her to take a drug test after looking at the numerous pictures that surfaced online which showed Katie enjoying parties. However, it does not look like things are getting better any time soon between the pair. Fans were quick to flood social media with comments that suggested Katie is not a perfect fit for her children. "Katie is a disgraceful woman and I am so happy that Junior and Princess are living with their father and stepmother where they are safe," read one comment. 

Recently, Katie confirmed that her children have been staying with their father Peter and a representative for Katie told Mirror that the decision taken by the couple was done in the best interest of their children while she sorts out her personal life.