Katie Price admits kids Princess and Junior are living with Peter Andre to save them from any 'emotional upset'

Katie seems to be having a lot of problems lately, including her divorce, drinking problem and her new boyfriend. Peter wants his children safe from any drama all this might cause

                            Katie Price admits kids Princess and Junior are living with Peter Andre to save them from any 'emotional upset'
Katie Price (Source:Getty Images)

Katie Price has confirmed that her kids Princess and Junior have been staying with their dad, Peter Andre. A representative of Katie told Mirror that it was a mutual decision taken by the couple in the best interest of their kids while she sorts her recent split from husband Kieran Hayler. "What is important [is] that the focus is on what is best for the children during tough times as Peter has acknowledged," the spokesperson said adding that the kids are excited to be reunited with their mother soon. 

Katie confirms the kids are living with Peter  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

"Katie is a remarkable mother, Peter is a wonderful father, together they are doing what is best for their children," the source added. This comes after reports suggested that Peter had banned Katie from seeing kids because of her drinking problem. “Peter and Katie's relationship has hit an all-time low," a source told the Sun. “He’s refusing to let her see the kids because he thinks her lifestyle is so out of control — she’s going out all the time, and drinking loads."

The tabloid further suggested that Peter had given an ultimatum to Katie. "Peter has given her a clear message, ‘If you want to see your children again, sort yourself out," the source added. The final straw came when he returned from holiday recently and discovered Kate’s new boyfriend Kris Boyson, a man he’s never even met, had been sent on his own to pick up and drive Princess and Junior back to their mum. Peter is concerned about his kids and does not want him being raised like this."


It was a mutual decision made by the couple  (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Peter later commented on the topic as he wrote, " J and P have gone, and will go, through tough times in their lives," in is his column for New magazine, as reported by Mirror. “But no matter what, Emily and I will always provide a stable home for them. People can read into that how they like. We have a lot of routines and I’m really strict on school nights."

Meanwhile, Katie's spokesperson made it clear that reports about Peter forcing Katie to leave kids with him are 'inaccurate and untrue' adding that it was a joint decision to spare them 'any emotional upset' as Katie finalizes her separation from Kieran. "Katie and Peter together agreed that this would be for the best while Katie deals with the current Kieran separation/split situation," a source told the tabloid. 

"Katie is wholly focused on what is best for her children, demonstrating as any mother would in her situation, by removing the children from the path of any emotional upset," the source continued. "It is the sign of a very strong woman, putting her children’s needs as always in front of her own."