Kate Walsh shares an update on the healthy lifestyle she has been leading post her brain tumor surgery

Kate Walsh shares an update on the healthy lifestyle she has been leading post her brain tumor surgery
Kate Walsh (Source:Getty Images)

Actress Kate Walsh is definitely adopting a healthy lifestyle after her last health scare, and the actress is "slow dancing" with turning 50, according to reports.

The 13 Reasons Why actress has been extremely focused on her health ever since having surgery to remove a brain tumor and feels way better than before about her current lifestyle. In a recent interview with Kathie Lee Gifford and Sheinelle Jones on Today, the actress gave an update on her current health condition.

"In 2015, I was diagnosed with -- thank God a benign -- meningioma brain tumor, which was successfully removed and I recovered from. And since then I have definitely changed my lifestyle and my health goals."

Walsh shared that since the health scare, she has completely changed her lifestyle for the best and had opted for a healthier way to live her life. "Protein shakes became, post-brain surgery, a huge, huge part of my diet, making sure that I get enough protein," she said.


In another interview with People Magazine, the actress had talked about her life post brain tumor surgery, and how she's been dealing with living a healthier and safer life.

“I feel honestly better than I’ve ever felt, I love my life, I feel so healthy and strong and probably in better shape than I ever was,” Walsh said to the publication. “I feel very lucky and blessed that I’m healthy.” 

The Girls' Trip star believes that women put everything else before their health, which is something that they should never resort to in their lives. This is one of her reasons to be an advocate and change the narrative surrounding women’s health.

“I think women particularly, I know I do, but just culturally and historically we put everybody else first,” Walsh explained. “Whether it’s kids, the job, husband, boyfriend, cats, dogs, usually we’re at the bottom of the list and so that’s why I think it’s so important to tell the story of self-care and health and making sure that you’re okay and then you can be of service to everyone else whether it’s your job, your family, whomever, it’s just going to go so much better. Really I think it’s still kind of changing that story for women particularly of making sure that self-care comes first.”


The actress also shared that though she is achieving her goals in terms of a healthy lifestyle, she still has her moments when it comes to insecurities about her body.

“I think I’d be like a robot if I didn’t have insecurities and I think the big thing is that other than trying to run away from them and resist them, resistance is futile so embrace it,” Walsh added.

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