Kate Moss on the path to sobriety as she gives up drinking after 25 years of wild partying

Kate Moss on the path to sobriety as she gives up drinking after 25 years of wild partying
Kate Moss (Source:Getty Images)

Kate Moss, 44, was a wild child who did not let go of a day where there were booze and parties. But it seems like, after 25 years of partying, she has finally decided to turn things around as the model as reportedly gone sober. Talking to Daily Mail, her younger sister, Lottie, 20 revealed. Kate is believed to have gone sober after two decades of boozy nights and late night parties. 

Kate has reportedly given up drinking  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

"Kate is not drinking anymore, she is fully clean," Lottie told the tabloid. According to Katie's sister, she has been happy with her life and is enjoying spending time with her partner of two years, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, 30. "She’s settled down and is really happy with her new guy," Lottie said. In order to stay away from alcohol as much as possible, Kate was recently seen skipping Easter party scene and instead chose to relax in the Cotswolds.

She was photographed with a friendly pooch, unlike her other photos which were usually taken when she was out partying with her crowd. This news comes nearly 13 years after Kate was dropped by H&M, Chanel, and Burberry following an expose of her drug abuse in 2015. 


Supermodel Kate Moss (L) and her boyfriend Count Nikolai Von Bismarck (R) (Photo by Raul Sifuentes/Getty Images)

There is no doubt that Kate's decision of going sober will have an equally positive effect on her relationship as her boyfriend, Nikolai too had his own battles with alcohol and he even entered rehab in 2016 in order to seek treatment. It is believed that Kate quit drinking at that time in order to show her support but now she has quit it for good in the long run. 

"Kate really loves him and wants to help him," a source close to the couple told The Sun. " She has quit before, but is really serious about it this time, though no one is sure how long it will last. It's obviously having a good effect as both she and Nikolai look great. It's a really good sign for their relationship."  In January Kate even endorsed a self-help book which advised people to not have “too many late nights” and “get to bed by 10.30pm”. 

Learning from her past mistakes it seems like the model wants people to be on the right path and avoid the things that brought her down. It is believed that Kate is fond of getting solid sleep and “turning bedtime into a treat”. The book Self Care For The Real World manual includes a gushing statement from her, saying: “I want to give this book to everyone that I know!”

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