Kate Middleton focuses on child mental health for charity work, to do the "right thing" as a mother

Kate Middleton focuses on child mental health for charity work, to do the "right thing" as a mother

Kate, mother of George and Charlotte, decided to concentrate on child mental health as a part of her charity work duties as a royal. She believes she has done "the right thing" taking into account that she has to stand as a role model for her growing children. 

Peter Fonagy, head of the Anna Freud center reveals the thinking and reasoning behind Kate's decision, knowing of which we gain an insight into how forward thinking and empathetic the Duchess of Cambridge can be. Kate has made her royal work center around children and young people who suffer from mental health to make sure she is being the best mother she can in her given situation. 

Fonagy opened up to the public about Kate's reasoning behind her choices and said, "Part of her interest in prevention is to make sure that she does things right in her own parenting...She's genuinely interested in how to make children's lives better, and what parents and professionals can do to positively influence the lives of children."

Peter further reminds us that the Duchess who is pregnant with her third child says that it is "an incredible privilege to be a mum." Now 36, Kate, is due to give birth to her third child in the very next month at the Lindo Wing, a private maternity unit at St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington. 

The couple has ensured that the whole world will welcome their new child with open arms by giving their child an internet presence - a new page added to the royal website with the little-known information about their new addition.

Kate has been on maternity leave for a while since the final day of engagements and the celebrations of the Commonwealth with husband, William. However, that being said, she did make an exception to attend the Easter Mattins Service at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on Easter Sunday.

The next time she is predicted to attend an event will be after the birth of her third baby. This being said, she is planning on using the next few months until autumn to focus primarily on her children and their welfare, and so she will not be seen in each and every public event. Harry and Meghan's wedding alongside similar family occasions during the summer might be some exceptions. 

The Duchess began working in the direction of improving mental health for children and young adults with the focus of her bettering herself as a mother - as early as in 2013 when as a patron of Place2Be, UK's leading children's mental health charity, she began working with primary and secondary schools to help alleviate the suffering of mentally ill children.

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