6 times that Kate Middleton did not take any nonsense from her children

These are the 6 times that she was a total super mom and did not take any nonsense from either of her children

                            6 times that Kate Middleton did not take any nonsense from her children
Kate Middleton (Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge is now the mother of three children and has her hands absolutely full. Despite being able to hire the best nannies that money could buy, she is a hands-on mother. Her children are extremely well brought up and obedient judging from how their mother deals with them. 

Kate will certainly not be the mother with the crying and tantrum-throwing child and her children are well aware of how they must behave. According to BabyGaga, there are many rules and protocols that the Royal children must adhere to- for one they can never wear jeans or Peppa pig t-shirts. All their food must be made from scratch so that restricts a lot of food that other children would consider normal. 

Kate Middleton manages her future generation with grace and poise and it is evident that they listen to their mother with no questions asked. These are 6 times that Kate Middleton took no crap from her children: 

#6 The time Prince George acted like a normal toddler

Kate Middleton and Prince George at the Gigaset Charity Polo Match (Getty Images)

This was probably back in the year 2015 when the family attended a charity polo match together. According to the Telegraph, the event was a casual affair and Kate Middleton herself wore a pair of jeans. Prince George was permitted to kick a ball, play with a toy car, and also swing a child-sized polo mallet while not really watching the sporting going on. 

However, when Prince George wanted to roll down a hill, his mother Kate Middleton had a quick word with him. 

#5 When Princess Charlotte got the allergies 

Princess Charlotte (Getty Images)

At the wedding of her uncle, Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, Princess Charlotte served as the bridesmaid. The three-year-old princess seemed to have the sniffles and her mother, Kate Middleton made sure that she covered up demurely. At three, most children would not think to control their sneezes but they aren't Princess Charlotte. 

#4 When Prince George got a bit too rough

Prince George and Kate Middleton (Getty Images)

At the wedding of Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa Middleton, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte participated. When Prince George got too rough with his auntie's train, Kate pulled him aside and gave him a talking to. One of the only times we have seen him pouting. 

#3 When Princess Charlotte went to Germany 

Prince William, Prince George, Kate Middleton, and Princess Charlotte (Getty Images)

On a family trip to Hamburg last year, Charlotte just did not feel like walking and as all 2-year-olds would, she wanted to be carried. Kate did pick her up in case she would cause a scene but little Charlotte had to walk up the plane steps on her own. 

#2 When she made Prince William deal with them

Prince William with his two children (Getty Images)

Kate was in the hospital and had just given birth to Prince Louis. Prince William brought his two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte to meet their new baby brother. Kate made sure that they were totally on point and had them parade past the cameras rather than having them brought by a nanny or waiting at home. 


#1 When they meet new people

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton on the Royal Tour To Canada (Getty Images)

Whenever the Royal family goes to visit a new nation, there are plenty of photos showing them meeting some dignitary or the other. Kate always crouches down to coach her children through politely greeting and meeting these strangers.