'She's here': Kate Hudson and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa welcome their first daughter

Kate Hudson already has two sons: 14-year-old Ryder with Chris Robinson and seven-year-old Bingham with Matt Bellamy

                            'She's here': Kate Hudson and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa welcome their first daughter

Kate Hudson has welcomed her first daughter with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa on October 2 and the 'Bride Wars' actress has been gushing over the birth of her newborn child. Hudson already has two sons — 14-year-old Ryder with her ex-husband and Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson and seven-year-old Bingham with former fiance and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy.

The 39-year-old actress took to Instagram to share the happy news with her fans. In the post, she said that her daughter will be named Rani (pronounced as Ronnie) in the honour of Fujikawa's father Ron Fujikawa. Hudson wrote in the post, "We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie) after her grandfather Ron Fujikawa. Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honour." Captioning the post as "She’s here 💕", she also left a note assuring her fans that the family has been doing well since Rani's birth. 


Hudson has been pretty excited about her pregnancy since the beginning. Earlier last month, she had posted a picture on Instagram which clearly revealed her baby bump. Posing in front of a mirror, the 'Almost Famous' actress showed off her baby bump while wearing a bright orange bikini and vibrantly patterned kimono. With no makeup on, the now mother-of-three left her hair loose as her face gleamed with a natural glow. 


Just a few months before welcoming Rani into the world, Hudson had said, "It was the most sick first trimester of all my children. Boomerangs have made me nauseous, Superzoom is an easy way to have my head in the toilet, food Instagrams make me queezy and thinking too much about Insta stories made me even more exhausted than I already had been."

However, ever since, Hudson has been flooding her account with updates on her pregnancy.


Just two days ago, the actress was seen beaming alongside her mother Goldie Hawn in a video where the two were promoting Hawn's Mindup Foundation which aims "to help children create greater brain health through mindfulness practices." In the video, Hudson looked absolutely graceful as she accompanied her mother to help children understand the potential of their brains and how they can put it to better use. 


Although the third pregnancy was not easy for her, Hudson is glad that the gender ratio in the family is almost even now. “I don’t feel any differently,” she said, referring to the unique challenges of raising a girl as opposed to her two boys, “but I’m excited that we’re going to even out the gender ratio in the house."