Karol G slammed for insensitive post on race, fans say she deserves fiancé Anuel AA for being offensive

Karol G slammed for insensitive post on race, fans say she deserves fiancé Anuel AA for being offensive
Anuel AA and Karol G (Getty Images)

Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter Carolina Giraldo Navarro, known professionally as Karol G, landed in hot soup after a tweet about the increased racial tensions in the United States in the wake of George Floyd’s death. 

Karol, on Monday, June 1, tweeted a photo of her dog who has a white coat with black spots on it. And she captioned the photo in Spanish, which roughly translates to “The perfect example that black and white together look beautiful.” 

Karol has since deleted the tweet and even apologized for it. In a long message on Twitter, she wrote: “I was wrong and I apologize. I want to make it clear that my intentions were right in the photo I posted earlier. I meant to say racism is terrible and that I cannot even begin to understand it.” 

She further stated her support to the Black Lives Matter movement and said that she is actively taking steps to educate herself further on matters of race. 

But before she apologized, the tweet remained there for the better part of ten hours, and many decided to call her out for her insensitivity. Several people shared photos of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, or cows, and even clown makeup to mock Karol’s perceived idea of racial equality. 

There were also many who chose to attack not just Karol, but also her fiance: Puerto Rican rapper and singer Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, known professionally as Anuel AA. A Twitter user commented, “I can see why Anuel and Karol G are together lol. They both dumb as s***.” Another wrote, “Karol G posted a pic of her dog thinking she’ll end racism. Her and Anuel deserve each other for having worms for brains.”

Anuel has been largely criticized in the past for homophobia and transphobia. His song ‘Intocable’, a diss track aimed at fellow rapper Cosculluela was widely criticized due to remarks on homosexuality and HIV/AIDS patients -- he referred to the transgender model and a television host La Taína as a “pig” for her HIV-positive status, in the song.

Following the outrage over the song, Anuel apologized for it. He had said, “It is the worst mistake of my career. I do not need this and I apologize to all the people I offended. To homosexuals, to people with AIDS, to La Taina, and to those who lost everything after Hurricane Maria ... My fans deserve from me to be a better person, and I apologize to everyone in Puerto Rico.”

More recently, he made transphobic remarks against rapper Bad Bunny for his ‘Yo Perreo Sola’ music video, where the latter was in drag. Anuel reportedly shared a screenshot of the video on his Instagram Story with the caption, “Son of a b**** Bad Bunny playing transformers," with a number of puking emojis.

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