Who is Karl Jacobs? Twitter accidentally verifies wrong user with same name after gamer’s fans trend #verifykarl

Jacobs' fans began petitioning for his main Twitter account to be verified and Twitter did that. Only there was a snag -- the social media site accidentally verified an inactive account with the same name first

                            Who is Karl Jacobs? Twitter accidentally verifies wrong user with same name after gamer’s fans trend #verifykarl

On Wednesday, December 2, a trend was making its way on Twitter. People were tweeting under the hashtag #verifykarl, asking for Karl Jacobs to be verified. “Verify my mans karl #verifykarl,” wrote a Twitter user. Another Twitter user said, “Please Twitter verify him to get in the Holiday spirit #verifykarl.” Yet another Twitter user said, “#verifykarl NOW OR WE ALL WILL CRY @verified.”




So, who is Karl Jacobs?

Karl Jacobs is a gamer and a Twitch streamer who has over 790,000 followers on the streaming platform. A friend of the Dream Team -- a group of three YouTubers who create content about Minecraft plugins they coded that includes Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap -- the 22-year-old is known for being in the MrBeast crew; he has featured in many of the YouTuber's videos. MrBeast is an American YouTuber, His real name is Jimmy Donaldson. 

Jacobs' Twitch bio reads: "I am Karl Jacobs, epic gamer. doing mrbeast things and also streaming hehe. Catch me playing an assortment of games, or hanging in the Dream SMP."

In October this year, Jacobs was featured on the dating show ‘Love or Host’. Jacobs, earlier last month, claimed on his alternate Twitter account that he is on the asexual spectrum. He wrote, “Wanna clear something up!!! On trainwreckstv scuffed podcast the other day I said I felt I am [Pinching Hand Emoji] to being asexual. Wanted to explain that when I say that I mean like on the spectrum I am close to it but not 100% there.”

He added, “Saw some tweets thinking I meant I was considering thinking I was asexual and I don’t wanna be disingenuous about who I am to ya guys!”


Was the hashtag trend successful?

Yes. Twitter verified Jacobs. On his main account, Jacobs has more than 709,000 followers. But there was a small hitch. Before the Twitch streamer could be verified, Twitter apparently verified another user called Karl Jacobs. Except this person seems to have an inactive account. With a bio claiming, “agent of awareness, choice & change,” this Karl Jacobs had just about a thousand followers and zero tweets to his name. 

This supposedly hilarious mistake (his account remained verified at the time of writing this) was even tweeted by the Twitch streamer. He wrote, “THEY VERIFIED THE WRONG KARL JACOBS.” A few minutes later, when his own Twitter account got verified, he wrote, “Nevermind we are good now.”



Earlier today, Corpse Husband, a popular American YouTuber, got verified on Twitter as well. Their YouTube channel is run by an anonymous person who is a musician well known for their true horror story narrations. So far, they haven't revealed their identity and that is despite their association with other YouTube stars such as PewDiePie. Corpse Husband, who has 5.46 million subscribers, reportedly is worth $1 million with earnings from their videos that have recently averaged out at 20 million views per video.

Corpse Husband was inspired by Mr. Nightmare, CreepyPasta, and Lazy Masquerade. More recently, they switched content by playing the popular video game 'Among Us' together and their association with PewDiePie was also through this game. Other than their YouTube videos, the star has thousands of followers on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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