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Karen or just a disgruntled customer? Woman's ridiculous meltdown at CVS divides Internet

The woman wanted to use a coupon she got that day at the store, and when she couldn't, all hell broke loose
The woman was recorded shouting at the CVS employee (Screenshot/ r/Public Freakout)
The woman was recorded shouting at the CVS employee (Screenshot/ r/Public Freakout)

It appears that the internet has sighted another Karen, this time misbehaving with a worker at a CVS. A nameless woman was recorded shouting at a male staff for refusing to sell her a product after she had thrown an object at his face. While the meltdown has caught a lot of attention, it looks like the reason behind it is still pretty vague. The argument was mostly one-sided, with the 'Karen' turning to the woman recording the whole event as it took place. 

The aggressive woman apparently wanted to buy an item from the retail company off of the coupon she received that day. The male employee, however, could not sell the "pictures" that the woman desired as she wanted to use the store coupons on the purchase. It is unknown if the coupons were meant to be used on the very day or later.


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The chaos inside the store slowly escalated when the so-called Karen began arguing with the woman who was recording. The older woman was looking for her camera before heading out of the store. When she was unable to locate the digital camera that she came in with, she began accusing the staff once again. After locating her camera at an entirely different spot, she started a dispute with the woman who was recording for calling her out on the act. 

The internet has a divided opinion on the whole thing. While some want to know the coupons' due date, some find the woman who recorded the incident "annoying" as well. A netizen commented, "Those coupons are always for a future date. That’s the point of them. To get you to come back in a few days." However, another user responded, "Nah, those CVS coupons get pretty wild at times. I've gotten some that had to be used that same day."

Someone blamed the CVS coupon, "CVS couponers are a different breed, they made that job 10x worse than a normal retail job. You dealt with several people like this on a daily basis." A comment said, "Karens complaining about coupons are just that way because their children have left them and they don’t have anything else more important to care about other than the sacredness of their coupons."

A Reddit user called out the woman who recorded the event, saying, "The lady recording managed to make herself just as annoying, if not even more annoying, than the “Karen” she filmed." "I wouldnt call her a karen i would call her a disgruntled customer. and the person filming is weeeeeeird especially at the end when she asys looks who wrong HUEHUHEHUEHUHE like she never made a mistake in her life. good grief," a comment read.