What is Karen Fire? Firefighters respond as fire breaks out in Jurupa Valley while Internet trolls the name

What is Karen Fire? Firefighters respond as fire breaks out in Jurupa Valley while Internet trolls the name

On Saturday, July 25, afternoon, a wildland fire broke out in Jurupa Valley, California, prompting a quick response from nearly 200 firefighters. Dubbed as the Karen Fire, it was reported just after 3 pm on Sierra Avenue and Karen Lane. The fire spread from approximately 5-10 acres to roughly 150 acres till 6.15 pm. The containment was at 10% and 225 firefighters from Cal Fire, Riverside County Fire Department, City of Corona Fire Department, and San Bernardino County Fire were on the scene trying to extinguish the fire.

There have been no injuries or structural damages and no evacuations have been ordered as yet. Sierra Avenue between Armstrong and the San Bernardino County Line has been closed. The internet can always be relied on for finding a strange angle in such situations. Many wondered why it was called "Karen" which has now become the urban slang for an entitled and racist white woman. "It’s called #karenfire because it’s burning near karen lane! not because a caucasian woman started it!" one person had to explain.

Meanwhile, others began to comment on the name itself. "This is some bullsh*t! Who named it #KarenFire ?!?!?! This is a serious problem that we Californians have and there is no time for jokes or to be sifting through BS to get to real information!' another tweeted. "I really thought I was about to see a Karen lighting a POC on fire or some shit. That’s how f**ked up 2020 has been. #KarenFire," one person wrote.

"Truth be told...I thought a Karen or two had let loose out there—patrolling the offices, streets, and stores. #KarenFire," one tweeted. "The irony of #Karen'sFire, *chef's kiss*, another tweeted. Others noted that this was so "2020". "I mean it's 2020 why not call it a Karen Fire lol #KarenFire," one wrote.

Some just laughed at the name itself. "Oh lord. On behalf of non-Karen Karens everywhere (Good Karens?): we didn’t do it and we really don’t want to speak to a manager about it, promise. #karenfire," one person wrote. "Couldn't they have named it something else?" Others pleaded to not have the name Karen associated with everything negative. "These references to everything bad being 'Karen' is ridiculous and makes no sense. Come up with something else, maybe even something clever," one pointed out.

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