California Karen calls Asian man's kids’ sidewalk chalk art 'shit', asks where he's from over 'slanted eyes'

The unidentified elderly woman was caught on camera making racist comments triggered by the sidewalk art by the children

                            California Karen calls Asian man's kids’ sidewalk chalk art 'shit', asks where he's from over 'slanted eyes'

An elderly woman in California was caught on camera while being a ‘Karen’ as she made racist comments at an Asian man over his kids’ sidewalk chalk art. According to International Business Times, the man was identified as Xiao Huang, who had a controversial encounter with the old woman which he caught on camera and shared on Facebook. The caption of the clip read: “So it finally happened.  My "Karen" encounter of 2020. I was in my garage minding my own business when I was approached by "Karen".  Her complaint - our kids using sidewalk chalk on the public street within our complex.  Our street has 12 units and never, NEVER has anyone complained about our kids, any kids For that matter, coloring and drawing with sidewalk chalk.  We tell our kids to respect people's boundaries, we tell them to never color on walls, garages and anything that is not our.  I always, ALWAYS live by the motto love your neighbors as yourself...but she crossed the line.”

You can watch the video here.

In the video, the man behind the camera is heard telling the unnamed woman, who was with her husband, to file a complaint with the homeowners' association. But the woman replied rudely saying, “You son of a b*tch,” and also asked him to get his children to stop drawing on the street outside. Karen then asked the man about his wife as she added, “She's a nice person. She talks nice.” Huang in his caption mentioned that the old woman was saying nice things about his wife because she is White. “They only say hello to my wife and my mother in law because they are both white.  I really don't care if you like me or not,” he stated in the post.

The elderly couple then left the garage with the woman saying, “Tell your kids to stop or else I'm gonna....." Huang was then heard asking the woman: “You're going to do what?" That’s when the situation escalated as Karen asked the man if he lived there because he has "slanted eyes." “I don't think you live here because you have slanted eyes,” the woman was heard saying in the video, to which Huang replied: “Wow! That's racist.”

However, the elderly woman did not stop there and called Huang’s children’s chalk art “sh*t”. At that moment, the woman’s husband also seemed to support his wife as he said children “are not supposed to” draw on the sidewalk and added they can also be penalized for that. But Huang said in the post, “BTW, there is no rules within our associations CC&R, bylaws and regulations about using sidewalk chalk on public streets.”

In the video, the man also said that the “entire neighborhood doesn't have a problem with it, except you. You've had a problem with me ever since I moved in here”. To which, the woman responded: “No, we saw a guy that didn't have slanted eyes.” As her husband said, “Leave this guy alone,” Karen mentioned that she will call “the association”. Huang asked her to go ahead with her plans before adding that he’s friends with the president.

"I'm going to get a pail and a brush and tell your kids to come out here and clean it," the woman said. "Over my dead body! You touch my kids, you're going to see something coming,” Huang warned her but the elderly woman again entered the garage and kicked a table fan lying there.

“I can't tell you how upset I am. I pride myself in how I present myself.  Jenine and I do the best we can to raise our kids right, teaching them right from wrong, respect others, doing the right thing even when people aren’t looking.   I am not going to let this woman and her husband's action overshadow all the good that I see in my neighbors and this world,” Huang wrote in the Facebook post as he concluded: “To all my friends, please help me share this, make this go live, share this, get the word out.  The only way we can stop people from acting like this is to make sure they understanding it is wrong and they can't get away with it.”

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