'Queer Eye's' Karamo Brown opens up about Eminem's gay slurs and being harassed by straight women

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown opens up about being sexually harassed by straight women and how they treat him differently because he is homosexual.

                            'Queer Eye's' Karamo Brown opens up about Eminem's gay slurs and being harassed by straight women

Karamo Brown from 'Queer Eye' appeared on the 'Domenick Nati Show' and opened up about how he was sexually harassed by straight women who felt comfortable and confident enough to do and say certain things as Brown was a homosexual. 

Sexual harassment is prevalent across regions, gender, sexuality and as Brown says, it happens to a majority of people but in different degrees. Being homosexual somehow gives some straight women the idea that they can do pretty much anything because the person is homosexual and it should not bother them. Karamo recalls how this has happened to him on several occasions and has heard things like "you're not straight so it's fine". It is surprising because if it were a straight man, the actions of these women would be considered highly inappropriate. 

Karamo is one of those few people who have the courage to question these women and their intentions and he tries to shed light on the lack of cultural knowledge regarding the gay community which lets people think that it is okay to do such things. He also adds that once he is able to have a conversation with the person, majority of the time people will actually stop. 


Karamo also speaks about how he was bullied in school and even had the word "F****t" thrown at his face. He was even called a "f****t" one time while he was shooting 'Queer Eye'. Karamo also opens up about the homosexual slurs that Eminem's latest album 'Kamikaze' has used stating that he has not supported Eminem's music for a long time now. "Personally, I stopped buying Eminem's albums back in high school," Brown shares. 

As Karamo puts it, "I made a personal choice to say, if you are going to make comments that are insensitive to me and my community, I will not support you".

He also shared that until Eminem's homosexual slurs start to affect Eminem's dollars, nothing will change. Karamo adds that being called that word 'f****t', makes him look at it differently and he tends to attribute all the qualities that he has, such as strong, smart, giving and loving and he pays no heed to Eminem. 


Karamo also commented on Demi Lovato's recent apparent overdose and had some advice for the 'Sober' singer. Having been someone who battled through some dark and testing times, Karamo shared that one of the most important things for Demi to do would be to "stay out of the public eye". He stressed the fact that it was crucial for Demi to work on herself and keep a distance from the influences of her fans and even management and connect with the therapist that she was working with. 

He also shared that Demi should try and identify who or what is making her feel so overwhelmed and that it is time for her to "do a big evaluation of all the people who are around her". Brown added that she should also work towards eliminating all the sources of negativity and get it out of her life. "I just hope that she is taking it to another level of looking at the things that are really stressing her out and making her feel shame, doubt because those are emotions that could trigger her again," Karamo says.