How did Kanye react to Pete Davidson's Super Bowl commercial? Memes break the net

How did Kanye react to Pete Davidson's Super Bowl commercial? Memes break the net
A screesnhot of The Hellmann's Super Bowl LVI commercial with Pete Davidson (Hellmann's/YouTube) with an insert of Kanye West (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Kanye West was among the numerous celebrities who made it to the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California for the Super Bowl LVI. As thrilling as the match between the Bengals and Rams was, fans had plenty of other things to talk about, including new trailers, and advertisements. One ad that really got people talking was Hellmann's, which featured NFL coach Jerod Mayo and Pete Davidson.

In the ad, Mayo can be seen tackling the comedian, which many on the internet found amusing. But what about Kanye? Social media users were busy trying to guess how the singer would've reacted, given that Davidson is now dating Kim Kardashian. As we reported back in January 2022, Kanye's been spreading the rumor Davidson has AIDS, in a bid to win back his former wife. West has also threatened to punch Davidson in his new song 'My Life Was Never Eazy', as the feud between the two heats up.


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Given things aren't that great between them, we can only assume Kanye wasn't too happy to see Davidson on the big screen at the Super Bowl. Of course, Kanye appears to have moved on and was spotted with several women since the divorce, but it appears he still has a soft spot for his ex.

Netizens memes Kanye's reaction

We never saw Kanye's reaction to Davidson's ad at the Super Bowl, so it's anyone's guess how he felt about it. Judging by his past acts though, we can assume he defiantly wasn't happy. In the absence of footage, social media users have taken it upon themselves to joke about what Kanye's reaction was. And needless to say, they had fun imagining. 

"I just knooooow this was Kanye’s reaction while watching the #SuperBowl and seeing Pete Davidson pop up during a commercial," one user tweeted with a GIF of Kanye. Another tweeted an image of a bloody Ryan Gosling and said, "Kanye when he saw Pete Davidson in a Super Bowl commercial." A third uploaded a TikTok of a hooded figure, tweeting, "Kanye West watching Pete Davidson’s super bowl commercial."




"i’ve seen like 3 different super bowl commercials with pete davidson in it…I know kanye bout to have those companies cancelled. hahaha," one person joked. Another shared an edited image of the Hellmann's ad and said, "The first thing I thought of when I saw Pete Davison get tackled." Another user joked, "Kanye west watching that commercial with Pete Davison." One person mocked, "Kanye buying stock in Hellmans after watching Pete Davidson get tackled."





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