Kanye West gives a sneak peek into his new material as he raps about ‘white dominance’

The rapper recently sparked a controversy after publicly coming out as a Trump supporter, which was severely criticized by the music community.

                            Kanye West gives a sneak peek into his new material as he raps about ‘white dominance’
Kanye West (Source : Getty Images)

After sparking a controversy this week by tweeting about his "love" for Donald Trump and showing his support for right wing pundit Candace Owens, Kanye is now making vibes again as he previews a snippet from his new material that shows him singing about "white dominance."

According to TMZ, Kanye invited the gossip site’s boss Harvey Levin to his offices to share new music he’d been working on. As well as previewing bits from the albums he is producing for Nas, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor, the Life of Pablo rapper also broke into a few freestyle bars.

“Hopped off the Amistad and made ‘I’m A God’/It’s always a lituation when I’m involved / See, I say what they say when the mic is off/Parents are the strippers/Strip kids of their confidence/Teach white dominance/Question your common sense,” Kanye rapped, while wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

Understandably, rapping about 'white dominance' right after publically supporting Trump and the right wing does come across as a little tone-deaf, but it'll be interesting to see how this material will fit into his upcoming album. 

Kanye polarized his fans and stirred controversy recently with tweets declaring that he “loves” Donald Trump and hitting out at Barack Obama, as well as sharing photos of himself wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat. Kanye has now found himself at the receiving end of harsh criticism from the music world, as well as fans. Macy Gray shared a photo of herself wearing a red hat emblazoned with the words Make Kanye Great Again, while Moby (who is something of a noted anti-Trump activist) called West “too smart and talented” to be a Trump supporter, asking him not to “debase” himself.

However, Yeezy found some support from Chance The Rapper,  who spoke out in support of Kanye in a series of tweets. “He’s in a great space and not affected by folk tryna question his mental or physical health,” he wrote.

Kanye West’s much-anticipated new album is expected in June and will be the follow-up to 2016’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’. He’s also releasing albums from Pusha T (Ma and singer Teyana Taylor (June 22) through his G.O.O.D Music project.