Band-aids, nudes, and neglect: How Kim's focus on her kids is leading to a bizarre spiral with Kanye

Kim Kardashian opened up about how their growing family has affected her relationship with husband Kanye

                            Band-aids, nudes, and neglect: How Kim's focus on her kids is leading to a bizarre spiral with Kanye
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Source : Getty Images)

'Keeping Up with The Kardashians' star Kim Kardashian is a full-time mother and has her hands full with three children. This massive change in life and adjustment have not been easy on her husband Kanye West either and Kim got candid about how this has affected their relationship. 

On Sunday night's episode of 'KUWTK', 37-year-old Kim shared, "Having three kids, honestly, is crazy. I remember it was really hard for North when Saint was born, so I kind of put everything into North to make her feel extra special. And now, with Chicago, I’m trying to work even [harder] to make sure North and Saint feel like they have enough time with me and they feel super loved and that no one is going to take their place". 

While Kim has been solely focused on her children, Kanye is feeling a bit neglected which is causing some friction. As Kim revealed the couple recently fought over her Instagram feed. Kim shared with her sister 39-year-old Kourtney Kardashian, "He wanted to me post six Polaroids from that shoot that I posted — those nude pictures. But I posted one from the beach. He wanted them to all match up and be all from the motel. That’s what the f—ing fight was! I’m like, ‘I like the beach one.’ He’s like, ‘No, you don’t understand, I see the vision!’" 

Kim explained that she had to post about her fragrance line but Kanye supposedly did not pay any heed and was insistent that she post the pictures from the other shoot instead. "He’s like, ‘F— your fragrance for one day. You need six motels ones. Why’d you post the beach one? You’ve got to delete the beach one. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t sit here and organize my Instagram with you. Who cares about this?’ He’s like, ‘I care, trust me,' Kim recalled. 

"He’s always right in the end, but I’m just like, it’s my Instagram — you can’t tell me what to post," she said. "That’s like, the one thing. No one will tell me what to post. I’m allowed to have an opinion". 

Kim also spoke about a fight that she had with Kanye when she did not give him the right band-aid. "He was like, ‘I’ve slaved around the world for you making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus band-aid.’ He said I should have a skin-colored band-aid. So I’m running around looking for different colored band-aids when I’ve got three kids to look after? … Just because I didn’t give birth to this baby doesn’t mean that my plate is not totally full," she continued. 

"When you have three kids, it’s kind of a wild household,” she continued. “I’m kind of annoyed because I wish he would understand I’m exhausted. Like, go get your own band-aid," she added. As it turned out, Kanye was upset about something else- and felt that if Saint needed a particular kind of band-aid, Kim would have known exactly what to get. "I was like, ‘Oh my God. Are you fighting with Saint? Is this a thing?" she said. 

Kim even admitted that she and her husband Kanye were "really stupid and lately, we’ve been having a lot". "I think so many husbands feel neglected when you start having kids and then all of their attention gets taken away," she continued. 

Kim's sister Khloe shared, "Sometimes men still want to be treated as like, the first baby. “I know Kim is so overwhelmed and I think sometimes it’s easy to get distracted, or you think because they’re adults they can take care of themselves, but your husband still wants you to take care of him. I’m sure with three kids you’re tired at the end of the day and you don’t make that a priority, but she really has to". 

Eventually, Kim chose to take up her sister's advice and surprise West with something special for Valentine’s Day: a heart-shaped box of band-aids and some lingerie. "After my conversation with Khloé, the one thing that I realized is I make such a priority for all the kids, and I go above and beyond for them, but in that, I’m fully neglecting my husband," she said. "So I just want to give Kanye the attention and love that he needs. … When you have so many kids, it’s important to still make your relationship a top priority."

"Kanye is so thoughtful and even when he’s in crazy work mode he always takes the time to check in on me, see what’s going on. And I think when I get in super busy mode, I need to just slow down and be a bit more thoughtful. I think I’ve definitely gotten better with that after this," Kim added.