Kanye West and Lil Pump drop new video 'I Love It' featuring comedian Adele Givens

Produced by Spike Jones and co-directed by Kanye West himself, the video sees him and Lil Pump wearing box-like costumes

                            Kanye West and Lil Pump drop new video 'I Love It' featuring comedian Adele Givens

Kanye West has just dropped the video of his new collaborative track which features the rapper with Lil Pump and comedian Adele Givens. The song titled 'I Love It' was released on Thursday night at the first Pornhub Awards.

Produced by Spike Jones ('Only One', 'Otis', 'Flashing Lights'), the video was directed by West and Amanda Adelson. The 'Only One' rapper, along with the 'Gucci Gang' singer can be seen wobbling in giant rectangular bodysuits, designed to look like a casual shirt, as they sway and move forward along a long corridor lined on either side with naked women kneeling, posing as statues. Meanwhile, the comedian is presented as a gigantic figure in complete white as she walks ahead of the boys who pretend to pursue her. 

Watch the video here:

West apparently got involved with the adult film industry after he confessed his inclination towards porn during a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel last month. When asked if having a daughter has changed his behavior towards women, West blatantly stated, "No, I still look at Pornhub.” His apparent "devotion" towards the porn industry also got him a lifetime premium membership with Pornhub. 


As the founder and CEO of Vixen Media Group, home to multi-million dollar adult entertainment brands like BLACKED, TUSHY & VIXEN, Greg Lansky sent out a letter to West offering him the deal of a lifetime.

In the letter obtained by TMZ, he wrote: "I personally want to thank you for the incredible mention of Blacked.com last night on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! program. It was an honor to have you point out one of the many fruits of our labor and the work of the talented artists we work with... Consider this letter an offer sheet to you to direct a legendary adult film for BLACKED.com with full artistic control on your end. This is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between adult entertainment and mainstream, something is never done in history! I already have adult stars Tori Black and Kendra Sutherland on board to star in this movie."


West had also taken the responsibility as the creative director for the adult-film awards show (often referred to as the Porn Oscars) which was held at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles and was hosted by adult film star, Asa Akira. West's design house, Yeezy, provided the wardrobe and styling for each presenter, and apparently, the phallic award trophies too were designed by the rapper. “Kanye has designed a bespoke erotica-inspired award statue for each of tonight’s unique categories,” The Guardian quoted a press release.