Kanye West claims Tommy Mottola was behind Michael Jackson's death, fans say 'he is 100% not crazy'

In a series of tweets that took shots at several people, including the Kar-Jenners, West seemingly implied that Jackson was murdered

                            Kanye West claims Tommy Mottola was behind Michael Jackson's death, fans say 'he is 100% not crazy'
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Kanye West continued his tweeting spree with several more accusations thrown into the mix, including one that seemingly references Michael Jackson's comments on the ex-Chairman & CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, Tommy Mottola.

Of West's many tweets, one that stood out read, "MJ told you about Tommy before they killed him." The same tweet, which was later removed, also reiterated West's claims about his daughter North being 'saved' from doing questionable photoshoots, in addition to disparaging Kris Jenner once more. The first part of his tweet caught many users' eyes, with several clarifying he was, in fact, referring to Mottola, whom many have accused of orchestrating Jackson's death and covering it up as a cardiac arrest. West, evidently, believes in this conspiracy theory, as his tweet shows.

Theories aside, the label disputes Jackson went through were very real. The bad blood between Sony and Jackson began brewing a long time prior to 2002, but it went into overdrive when Jackson's expectations that the licenses to the masters of his albums would revert back to him fell through thanks to a contract that set the date for this reversion to several years later. The singer demanded an early exit from his contract, and amid all this, his final full-length album with original material, 'Invincible', dropped. By 2002, things had gotten substantially worse between Sony and Jackson, with the latter becoming increasingly vocal about the situation prompting Sony to come to Mottola's defense, denying Jackson's allegations and calling him "spiteful." They eventually refused to renew their contract with Jackson, alleging that they lost millions of dollars because the singer refused to tour for 'Invincible'.

Singer Michael Jackson arrives with the Reverend Al Sharpton for the demonstration outside Sony Music Entertainment Headquarters on July 6, 2002 in New York City. The demonstration stems from actions Sony chairman, Tommy Mottola, allegedly has taken to under promote Jackson's 'Invincible' album (Getty Images)

Fans soon shared multiple videos of Jackson from 2002 when he repeatedly referred to Mottola as "the devil." One video also shows Jackson at an appearance where he holds up a sign that reads "Sony Kills Music" and additionally claimed that Mariah Carey, who was previously married to Mottola, once told Jackson that Mottola was "evil" and was stalking her.

Another video has Jackson declaring Mottola was racist, further alleging he stole from black artistes and that Mottola called his colleague Irv Gotti a "fat n****r." One fan tweeted, "Ye is 100% not crazy. This was 11 years ago... shoulda listened to MJ. RIP. Hope nothin happens to Kanye." Another shared, "Kanye is speaking the truth here. Sony with Tommy Mottola as president that time wanted Michael Jackson to sell his ATV catalog to them. MJ wouldn’t. They then boycotted his album in 2001 which led to MJ protesting against them and exposing them for their filth."

Several users were soon jumping in on the conversation, adding fuel to the fire that Mottola may have had something to do with Jackson's untimely demise. Some were extremely blatant with their accusations, stating, "I wonder Tommy Mottola is up to these days after killing Michael Jackson," while others were not convinced there was a conspiracy here, sharing, "Just fyi, it seems Kanye was referring to when Michael Jackson called Sony executive Tommy Mottola a racist, and then Michael Jackson died under suspicious circumstances...7 years after the label dispute," adding it was difficult to decipher what Kanye's tweet was trying to imply. And while some jumped on the anti-Mottola bandwagon, stating, "Now, I hate Tommy Mottola," several others are declaring the conspiracy theory totally false and are instead coming for Kanye with a variety of statements targeting his mental health.

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