Kangaroo left with horrific injuries after being shot through leg by an arrow in 'sick and cruel' act

Kangaroo left with horrific injuries after being shot through leg by an arrow in 'sick and cruel' act
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A kangaroo was shot through the leg with an arrow in a protected area in Australia, in what wildlife rescuers described as a "sick and cruel" act.

Frank was discovered injured at the Lysterfield Park in Melbourne -- a protected space for the animals, as per Five Freedoms Animal Rescue. The kangaroo had been shot through the leg resulting in a gaping hole, with the tip of the arrow even leaving an injury on his neck. 

The animal rescue group shared that there was "no justification" for the act of cruelty. According to a Facebook post shared by the group, "As the fires burn, and firefighters risk their lives daily to save life and property, someone, a bow hunter, again shows that all people are not good and confirms why we need greater control over the purchase and use of archery equipment."

"They are weapons, and people can’t be trusted. How many times have we seen such a despicable act involving the illegal shooting of a kangaroo with arrows? Even the worst fires in Victoria’s history didn't distract this cruel person from attacking an animal for fun," the post continued. 


The injured Kangaroo was rushed to the Woofpurnay Veterinary Hospital where he went through surgery. He is now currently in a shelter where he is being looked after. The post added, "It is always upsetting to witness such disgusting and unnecessary acts of cruelty, but it is even worse at this time as we are desperately preparing for an influx of fire victims."

"Unfortunately, our animals continue to suffer in many ways and not just from the fires, and our work continues, and this beautiful big boy needs our help," the post concluded. Many social media users took to expressing their disgust over the vicious and cruel attack. One user commented, "We see the best and the worst in people every day. How despicable is that person."

Another added, "What is wrong with people these days? Makes me so angry. Thank you for being able to help our wildlife."

The attack on Frank comes at a time when around a billion animals have lost their lives in the bushfires raging in Australia.  


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 Kangaroo named Frank left with horrific injuries post being shot an arrow by animal hater for fun